Welcome to And That’s a Winner!

Hello world. Welcome to And That’s A Winner!!

This blog is columniation of what I hope are 3 great minds. Well, 2 great ones, and one very crazy one. I am the crazy, My cuzz and best friend will be the sane ones making sure I don’t make a complete fool out of myself. Big props to my cuzz for having the confidence in me to start this whole thing off. I hope I can live up to his expectations. And for seeing in me, what I cannot see for myself. Hopfully my best friend will join us soon in posting his thoughts on anything and everything. Simply becuase he knows more about baseball, horse racing and professionl wresting than any normal red blooded american male should. And his takes on everything are epic. E P I C.

So sometime in the next few days there will be a post about my thoughts on the wonderful season my beloved St.Louis Cardinals just had. It was madding, exciting, hair pulling, fustrating. And finally wonderful, unexpected, unpresidented, and least of all, A M A ZI N G. They are no Champions of the World. YEAH BABY!! Just like Jimmy Baseball said, WE SHOCKED THE WORLD!!!!

That’s if for now. Hopfully this is the begining of something great. A place were all fans of baseball, not just the St.Louis Cardinals can come and feel welcomed. And feel free to talk about anything and everything, But mostly the Cardinals. It begins,,,,NOW


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