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  1. So great a .516 team won the playoffs – not the world series – THE PLAYOFFS. Hey, maybe MLB can expand the playoff field to 12 teams so we can have a .475 “World Champion,” one of these years.

    Cardinal fans upset about no Albert MVP? I say, you should keep a low profile this winter, given your bogus/made for television entry into the post-season field. Christ, the PHILLIES won more regular season games than you did, in a tougher division.

  2. Well there aren’t many sports than reward just the statistics (including the winning record). Maybe golf does this, but there will always be upsets and suprises in most of sports. Heck, the NCAA tournament is built around this. You could argue that the NBA is like that too. That your team’s statistical record doesn’t matter in the end is one of the reasons that so many people love baseball. Otherwise, the game would be quite boring. The Yankees would have the best record most years and thereby the Championship. Randomness is a good characteristic for the game.

    One more thing about team records and such – the Phillies lost their division crown to the Mets. The Cards beat the Mets. I understand the arguement of injured players such as Pedro Martinez for one on the Mets. But if you use that as an arguement, I think you have to admit that the Card’s record would have been better with a healthy Edmonds, Eckstein, etc for the whole year instead of just the playoffs. One can’t throw out one arguement and disregard the other.

    As far as Pujols, you’ve find a great deal of non-Cardinal fans that think he should have won the MVP as well. After all, if Howard didn’t win it, any sane person knows that Pujols would have got it. It wasn’t exactly a landslide victory for Howard. And history has showed that a player whose team makes the playoffs gives him a better chance. History also shows that defense doesn’t figure as much into the MVP thinking as it should. Albert’s team won the crown and he won a gold glove this year.

    I’m probably wasting my time by responding what’s likely a simple flaimbait here – but there it is if you want to consider things rationally.

  3. Hey asshat, we are the champs! so SUCK IT. next time you post here, you better have something better to say than the tired rant that the Cardinals did not deserve the World Series Championship because they only won their division by 1.5 game, or your ass is gone. you got my partener to take the bait, but I wont put up with crap like yours.

  4. “you go my partener to take the bait”

    Nah – I just decided not to continue his flame war.

    Looks like you’ve met a new friend though. =-)

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