Year End Awards, And The Big Game.

Well, it’s that time of year again. All the *Of The Year* awards are being given out. So far, the AL/NL Rookies & Managers of the year have been given out. And the AL/NL Cy Young awards as well. We only have the MVP’s of both leagues left and they are coming next week. As you might guess, I have issue with the Cardinals being left out of the winnings.

First off, the NL Rookie of the Year. I am not upset at all that Chris Duncan or Adam Wainwright did not win the awards. The national media completely ignored those two all season long. Giving all the press to the Marlins rookies and Ryan Zimmerman from the Nationals. And rightly so. But my problem is with the BBWAA NOTgiving any votes to Duncan or Wainwright. It’s inexcusable. You do not give the award to a player one year, and then the next year leave a player off ballot completely who has almost the exact same numbers the player did from the year before. And that’s what happened to Duncan. Last year Ryan Howard won the award with numbers that Duncan almost equalled this past season. And Duncan did not get one vote. Not one single vote. How can that be? How can you do that? How? Now Adam was a shut down relief pitcher all season long. He had one month of control issues. Where he gave up some home runs. And even lost a game. But for most of the year, he was ON. And yet, not one vote, not one mention, not anything. Once again, the BBWAA dropped the ball.

I have the same problem with Tony being left off the ballot. I have no problem with Joe Girardi winning. The dude did an amazing job with all those kids down in Flordia. They were not supposed to win 50 games this year. And yet they were in the hunt for the playoffs up till the last month of the season. Go ahead, give it to him. Joe earned it. But, to leave off Tony, after all the team went through. After all the injuries they had, all the bad pitching,(Jason I’m talkin about you boy)after two 8 game losing streaks,and one 7 game losing streak in September. The team still made the playoffs. And everyone accross baseball says it was his best season as a manager in the majors. Simply because all off the crap the team went through. How can *Scrap Iron*, who’s team DID NOTmake the playoffs get 2 votes, and Tony, who’s team won the freakin World Series not get any votes? Tony has more baseball knowledge, talent, intelligence and skill in his ass than *Scrap Iron* ever will. In fact, if it were not for roger clemens, roy oswalt, and andy pettitte, he would be out of a job. Heck, if I was those guys manager, I think I might even win a game or two. The fact that the BBWAA idiots did not at least include Tony, Chris and Adam on any of their respective ballots, show just how freakin useless they have become. If they can overlook 3 highly qualified candidates for their awards, then they have no business writing about baseball. Because they clearly have no idea how to do their job.

Now about the NL Cy Young. I am really pissed off about this one. Chris Carpenter was CLEARY head and shoulders above ANY pitcher in the NL last season. If the bullpen(IZZY, I’m afraid I’m talkin to you brother. I know you were hurt, but dude, you should have sat down way sooner)had not blown 7 games when he left with the lead, there would have been no question that he would have been the unanimous winner. The BBWAA should have taken that into effect. given that they gave roger clemens the same benefit of the doubt.  Giving him many, many votes last year and he only won 13 games. But because he is the *Rocket* he got special treatment. Carpenter has been the best pitcher in the NL for the past 3 years. That right there should earn him the *benefit of the doubt* the *rocket* always seams to get. Before you jump down my throat saying *but the rocket has been the GREATEST pitcher EVER since the mid 80’s, how can you compare 3 years of excellence to 20 freakin years dude?* Well, this is my blog. And I can do any damn think I want. So suck it losers! In my opinion, Chris Carpenter should have won the Cy Young. Webb had 3 months of good pitching, and 3 months of bad pitching. Carp’s only sin was loosing his last two starts of the season when the team lost 7 in a row. No one can blame him for trying to hard to win those games. And that’s just what happened. He tried to hard. IF anything, she should get more props for trying so hard when his team needed him most. And its not like he was terrible in both of those starts. He simply pitching one inning too long, and was tired. But because Tony didn’t trust the young guys in the bullpen to close out games yet, he left Carp in, and Carp just didn’t have enough left in the take to finish off the games. Those two innings I feel cost him the Cy Young. And that’s pretty pathetic that men who are supposed to be the all-knowing great poo baa’s of baseball don’t recognise his greatness. And instead vote for a closer, in what I can only guess as a *career award*. And a below average ground ball pitcher. Who faded in August. Putting his team out of contention for the playoffs.

The BBWAA are full of idiots who, much like the rest of the american press, only pay attention to good baseball teams east of ohio. And that’s pretty pathetic. Because the last time I checked, The World Champions are in St.Louis. Not New York or boston. But because the BBWAA have all their heads up their collective asses, they don’t know it. And probably never will.

Tomorrow’s Ohio State vs. Michigan is without a doubt the biggest game in that rival’s history. And I would be remissed to not at least say something about it. Considering I have lived in central ohio for the past 20 years. And last year, my younger brother became a OSU alum. Tomorrow michigan comes down here ranked #2 in the nation in every pole out there. Ohio State is ranked #1 in every pole as well. This is the first time in over 100 years that this has happened. Now, usually a big ten title, a rose bowl birth, and bragging rights are all that is at stake. Not this year. This year all those, plus a chance to play for the National Championship in Tempe Arizona. Since 1990 both teams has come to this final game of the year with chances to play for the Championship. But not both at the same time. And each of those times, Michigan has won. Except in 2002 when the *Luckeyes* as they were known that year, beat michigan to play Miami for the Championship. For the record, I do not like michagan. You cannot live in ohio for very long and like them. I compare the rivalry to the Cardinals vs. cubs. It’s very similar. Fans in chicago treat us Cardinals fan like we are just a bunch of hicks. Same with michigan fans. Now in most OSU fans its true. But I digress. Michigan fans have the same *holyer than thou*, pompous, arrogant,stuck up attitude towards OSU fans that cubs fans have towards us Cardinals fans. I guess thats one of the biggest reasons I dislike michigan. They remind me about everything I hate about chicago, expect with michigan, they actually win a lot of games. And when it comes to the cubs, well, everyone here knows thier record of suckattitude.

Now I think much to OSU fans chagrin, that michigan will win tomorrows game. Simply because they have only won once in the past 30 years against michigan when OSU is playing for a chance to play for the National Championship. Also thier iconic coach died earlier today. And if they did loose tomorrow, Lloyd Carr will be fired. Because if you loose the biggest rivalry game the day after your teams iconic coach dies, well, in college football, or any other big time sport, you should be fired. Michigan will be focused, angry, and punch the Buckeye in the mouth early and often. Something that has not happened to the Buckeyes all season long. Texas was supposed to, but the Bucks simply ran them over. But michigan is not Texas. Every year they come in focused and ready to play. And the Buckeyes always seam to, I don’t know if the word is choke, but every time they play, every time they are supposed to win, every time they have the more talented players, michigan wins. And as much as this pains me to say it, tomorrow will be no different. I hate michigan. I really really do. But with everything going against them, there is no way tomorrow they will lose. No way.


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