Card’s 1st Nonroster Moves

This will be brief since I’m on my lunch hour. After resigning some Cardinal players (Edmonds/Spezio) from last year, the Cards made some moves. In case you missed it somehow, the Cards have signed the following players:

Adam Kennedy  2B

Kip Wells    back-of-rotation starter

Gary Bennet     backup C

Eli Marrero     minor league utility player

I’m am very pleased by everyone of these moves. Gary Bennett and Adam Kennedy were on many people’s radar as possible signings. Both were signed to appropriate money as well. I don’t remember anyone talking about Kip Wells and I can guarantee no one had a thought about Eli Marrero.

Kip is your typical Dave Duncan masterpiece waiting to happen. We’ll have to wait and see if he turns out to be another Woody Williams or Jeff Weaver. I like the risk for the price no matter how he turns out. Bernie Miklasz mentioned on the forums over at STL Today that Duncan “really wanted” Kip too. I wonder how often Duncan has said something like that. I could be reading too much into that one statement but maybe Duncan thinks Kip will be more than a 5th starter next year if he can get Kip to follow his lead and make some adjustments.  

 Eli is a really nice signing when you think about it. Eli has done a lot for LaRussa in the past – catcher, decent outfielder, switch hitter (i think?). I also believe the guy has overcome cancer if I remember right. How’s that for character and determination. I’ll be rooting for this guy to do well and make the team.

 Funny to see former Cardinals organization guys coming back to STL recently in Kennedy, Marrero, and Looper last year.

 The Cards rotation so far is:



Free Agent


Free Agent/Wainright/Some scrapheap 5th starter

Looks like Schmidt and Lilly are still out there at the moment. I have a feeling that Walt will make a trade to fill out at least one of those missing starter positions. Hopefully we don’t give up too much. I trust Walt though – he’s proven himself too many times.

That’s it for now. GDM426 will undoubtedly have some input on this in another post.


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