I know, I know. I should be shot for using that saying. But it’s true folks. It’s true. Spring Training officially started yesterday, and word out of the defending World Champion St. Louis Cardinals camp was, *It’s all good in the hood G.* Well, Tony didn’t quite say it that way. But that’s what he meant. There are no worries from the big man about the starting rotation. The bullpen. Or the everyday line-up. Tony says the Cardinals have as much talent, if not more than most teams in the National League. He said all the guys fighting for spots in the rotation have *Major League Stuff*. And that if you combine their talent, and Dave Duncan’s experience, we fans have nothing to fear. The Cardinals should win a lot of games. And he fully expects the team to compete for another World Series ring.

So you see folks, if Tony LaRussa says it’s all good. Then it must be all good. And all the worrying and fretting we all did over the winter when the Cardinals failed to obtain a top of the rotation starter or two was for not. You see with Dave Duncan and all the talent in the world on our pitching staff, how can the Cardinals loose? We will once again all season long laugh off the cubs. Shove aside the Brewers and the astros. And topple the Mets and Dodgers on our way to another spot in the World Series.

Yep, hope sure does spring eternal. I just don’t think any one of us shares Tony’s hope with him. Listen, I have more trust and faith in Tony & Dave than anyone. But I don’t share their optimism for the season when it comes to the rotation. I don’t think we have as much *talent* on the staff as they think. I share their beliefs about Anthony & Adam. Those two are studs that should, should fall in very nicely behind Carp. But I do not think Looper, Wells,& Franklin are the answers for the 4th&5th spots in the rotation.  Two of those guys have to pitch well before Mark Mulder returns. (If the real Mark Mulder ever returns.) I just don’t think that’s a realistic expectation to expect one of those 3 men to pitch well. Looper has never started. Wells is injury prone. And Franklin flat out sucks. I hope and pray I am wrong. Believe me, I do hope and pray I am dead wrong.

Let’s hope we have all been wrong all winter. After all, it is spring time for baseball. And that means all of the teams in Major League Baseball thoughts and dreams will be filled with the hope that come the end of October, they will be the only team left standing. Holding the World Series trophy high above their heads. Just like the Cardinals did last year. Sometimes all you need is hope. And a little faith. Plus a little luck. And a lot of hard work. And all your wildest dreams can come true.

It all begins in the spring time. It all starts,,,,now. 


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