Joshua Morgan Hancock. Gone Too Soon. Never To Be Forgotten.

I have been working on a column for 5 days now going over the many issues and problems facing the 2007 St. Louis Cardinals. As we all know they are a deeply flawed team, with issues like being unable to get the big hit with runners in scoring position, and Tony blowing up at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch over an article chronicling the futility of the chicago cubs. But none of that matters anymore. Josh Hancock was killed Sunday morning at 12:35am when his Ford Explorer hit the rear of a flat bed tow truck in the far left lane of Interstate 40 near Compton Ave in St. Louis. He was on his way home to sleep in his new comfortable bed, and get some much deserved rest after a day at the ball park where he filled the role he had become all to accustomed to filling. Mop up duty in a 8-1 Cardinals loss to the cubs. He pitched 3 scoreless innings after Adam Wainwright gave up 7 runs in the 4 2/3rds of work. His job on the Cardinals was probably the most thankless position in the bullpen. But he loved every minute of it. And I guarantee you he wouldn’t have traded it for any other job on the planet.

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Hey Buddy? Got A Light?

Holy. Freakin. Crap. This just got EVEN MORE embarrassing for the St. Louis Cardinals. When the guy who basicially said, *F**K YOU! I WILL THROW THE G*DD**N BALL DOWN THE G*DD**N MIDDLE OF THE G*DD**N PLATE, ANY TIME I G*DD**N PLEASE. AND THERE AIN’T A G*DD**N THING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT!!* to his team, the Cardinals, every time he took the mound to pitch for them last season. And then, the first time he faces them the following season, pitching for their arch rivals mind you, he goes out and tosses  seven innings of no run baseball. Everyone on the planet knows there is something wrong with your offense.

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Well boys & girls, and all my nappy headed fans out there, this entry is going to be short and sweet. I’m sick. Some kind of flu, cold thing. My throat is raw, my ears hurt like the Dicken’s. I’m dizzier the usual. On the bight side of things, the NyQuil is just kicking in, so I’m feeling a little better. But in a rather unusual twist, I’m seeing a little green guy floating above my lap top telling me to keep drinking Red Bull & Yager shots. Which I swear I’ve never enjoyed. So I don’t know why Petey (that’s the little green dudes name) is telling me to keep drinking.   

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Is It Time To Press The Panic Button?

Well, at least no one got hurt. (Carp’s elbow thingy aside) That’s about the only good thing you can say about the Cardinals first series of the season.

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Game 1 Recap

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