Game 1 Recap

Wow. That sucked the life out of all the excitement and the hopes and dreams of the new season didn’t it?

Where was Carpenter’s control? Dude came out firing in the 1st and 2nd. And then just lost it. Granted he wasn’t Marquis bad after that. But he was far, FAR from his usual Cy Young self. For some reason the mets hit Carp pretty well. I would think Dave or someone would figure out why. It’s not like they were smashing the ball either. Most of there damage was on singles. I know for a fact Chris Duncan would have caught that fly ball to the left field fence. SO looked lost all night long. More on him in a minute. Our bullpen looked good. TJ was nasty. That’s good to see. He had a bad start to the spring. Brad did ok too. Still gave up a run though. I give our pitching for the night a C-. Carp has to be better than that every 5th day. He has too. Good thing for us is, he knows it, and he will do whatever it takes to be better. Games like last nights piss him off. So look for Cy Young to return down in H town.

OK, now on to the question every Cardinals fan is asking, just what the heck were Mookie and SO doing staring in left and right field tonight? I have no idea what Tony was thinking. He says all spring that Baby DunK will play every day. And then on opening day, his butt is planted on the bench, and in his spot is a 55 year old Japanese dude that looked like he couldn’t start for most church league softball teams. I have no idea how SO made the team, and JRod didn’t. I love the guy. He’s done a lot for us in the past. But dang, he just looks over matched. He had an abysmal spring. And now a retched start to the 2007 campaign. Surely Dunk could have done better. It’s high time he starts facing lefty pitching. How else is he ever going to learn? Mookie was not any better, even if he did drive in a run. I’m grateful he played a roll in helping us win a World Series last year. But from the looks of things, he’s now a part time player. And while Juan is out with his boo boo, I thought The Imperial was going to get most of the starts in right? What happened to that? In this fans opinion, JRod should have started in right tonight, Tony said he’s a corner outfielder, and don’t we need a right fielder while Juan nurses his boo boo? W T F Tony? Man I love you, your the best manager in the game. But tonight, our line up sucked dude. Far too many holes Tony. All I’m asking is that you do what you say you are going to do. (At least do what I like bro) Play Duncan all the freakin time. When a lefty is tossing salad out there, have him play. When it’s cloudy, have him play. When it’s sunny. Have him play. When it’s dark, HAVE DUNCAN FREAKIN PLAY!!!! And for the love of everything holy, ship SO to Memphis or let him go home to Japan. I don’t care which. And put JRod in right till Juan heals his boo boo. Give our line up a freakin chance Tony. 

I want to point out that Yadda looked great at the plate tonight. Hopefully he sticks with this batting stance, and can be the .275 hitter we all know he can be. Scotty looked good too, although he had nothing to show for it. Albert, well, I couldn’t really tell. He had nothing to hit all night long. He should have walked four times, but he got himself out twice. ECK looked great. Totally not his fault he got thrown out at home. The Secret Weapon thought Beltran was going to second to keep Mookie at first. Heck, so did LoDuca. He told Peter (President and CEO of Public Realtions for the Boston Red Sox) Gammons so on the post game interview. Kennedy started off slow, but had a good night too. I am worried about Jimmy though. During each at bat, he grabbed his right shoulder, the one they cut on over the winter, and he moved it around like it was tight as well. He looked like he was favoring his toe too. I hope he’s alright and does not push it. I know he wanted to play in the first game really badly. But it’s not worth him loosing half a season over. Skip had a great at bat as well. Can’t forget him. 

Well, it was not the best way to start a season, but it could have been worse. I hope someone tells Walt and Tony to get JRod up here to play right, and does it fast. We can’t be giving away at bats during the season. And that’s just what it appears will happen if SO and Mookie get any more starts. I hope I get to watch the rest of the season. As of now, MLB and Dish Network don’t have a deal in place for the Extra Innings package. And if they don’t get one, I hope congress comes down on them with the wrath of GOD. It’s criminal that fans can’t choose a system to watch their favorite teams on. What MLB and Bud are trying to do should make congress take away their anti trust exemption. I am sick of having a commish that all he cares about is money. He cares nothing about his players, or his fans. He needs to go. Has anyone got the rights to I might look into that if it’s not taken.

Well, I’m sure on Tuesday night our boys will have made the right adjustments and kick the mets buts. Till then, enjoy opening day around the nation tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to as well. I’ll be back soon with more of the best Cardinals coverage you don’t have to pay for. Till next time, I’m out.


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