Like Tony said, It’s A Start

And that’s all it is Cardinals fans. This past weekends series win over the Astros is just the first step the Cardinals needed to take to stop the losing, and get back to the their winning ways we all have come to know and love. So don’t get to excited Cardinal Nation. It was only one series win. And it’s not like the Astros were setting the world on fire and scoring 8 runs a game when they got to the STL. No offence to the 5 die hard Astros fans out there.

The Cardinals are still a very, very bad team. Our #1 and #2 pitchers are on the DL. Our line up is full of aging and underperforming stars. Scottie for one was joking about breaking out of his o for 100 streak he had going. Which is all fine and good if you go 3-4 or 4-5 with a homer, two doubles and 5 RBI’s. But he went 1-3 Sunday with one RBI and a walk. Not exactly a slump busting day. His power numbers are pathetic. He can’t drive the ball worth crap. All spring we heard about how well he was driving the ball. How all the home runs he hit in BP were line drives laser shots. But ever since the season started he still looks like he is swinging the bat with one good arm. Scott still can’t get around on a inside fast ball. He still looks hurt. And with the Cards medical staffs recent track record, I’d bet 1 Million dollars they couldn’t tell Scottie was hurt if he came into the trainers room with a bat impaled in his back. Georgie Pelletta would probaly give him a couple Tylenol and tell him to call him in the morning.

Jimmy looks hurt as well. But he showed sighs of life Sunday. He just missed a 3 run bomb to left. Carlos Lee caught it at the wall. When it left his bat, I thought it was another pop up in foul ground in left. I don’t get why the Cards offense revolves around Jimmy. I’m shocked the team does not center around Albert’s bat. After all, he is the King. But for some reason, as Jimmy goes, so go the Cardinals. I wish some one would find out why. How can you do a study to find out why the Cards offense struggles when Jimmy does not hit? In the past when Albert slid a little, sure the offense hit a little snag too, but not nearly as bad as it did when Jimmy’s bat went quiet. Granted the whole team is still in a slump of biblical proportions. So it’s hard to tell if Albert started jacking home runs and doubles, that the rest of the team would follow his lead. I don’t know if Scottie, Jimmy, ECK and Kennedy would start hitting.

Kennedy did a good job hitting lead off. So I expect him to be there again tonight. ECK didn’t have a good day again. Even though he got a hit. I like that the front office finally made a move. They brought up hot hitting Ryan Ludwick from Memphis to play right field. About freakin time. K Dub was not the answer till Juan gets back. Ryan looked nervous out there, and who could blame the kid? I hope the vets talk to him and tell him to calm down, he’s not the answer to this teams offensive problems. And no one expects him to jack home runs in every at bat. I hope if Jimmy is still struggling at the end of the month they bring up Ankiel. IF and only IF he is still hitting well. The front office can no longer sit back and expect the older vets to snap out of this god awful hitting funk. Give them till the end of May, and if they are still not hitting worth crap, and the kids in Memphis are, DL the vets and give the kids a shot for a couple weeks.

The Rockies come to the STL for three games. And Jeff Francis is tossing slop for them tomorrow night. So expect another long and very frustrating evening for our hitters. Francis is a salad shooting, soft tossing lefty. The Cardinals kryptonite. It does not matter that his ERA is 6.19 and his record is only 1-4. He will probably go 8 innings, giving up 3 hits and no runs. Also forget what I said about Kennedy leading off. No way Tony has a lefty leading off vs a lefty starter. The Rockies always play the Cards tough. So don’t look for them to do our hitters any favors. Anthony pitched well his last start and didn’t get the win. I hope he can repeat that performance tonight, only this time the team will get him some runs. They never score for this kid. And I think it’s starting to mess with his head. He can’t go out there thinking he needs to toss a perfect game to get a W. And I’m pretty sure he’s been doing that for a while.

No matter the out come, I’ll be here to drop my unique knowledge on you. Till next time. Always make it bounce.


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