Always Listen To Your Mother.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my mother always told me growing up, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Well even though Mother’s Day just ended, and you really should listen to you mother. When it comes to the 2007 version of the St. Louis Cardinals, if you don’t say bad things about them, you won’t say anything at all.

Well you could go on adnausium about how great LOOP has been. His stunning performances so far this year as a starter after spending his entire professional career as a reliever is why people all around baseball refer to Dave Duncan as the master of pitching reclamation projects. His ability to get the best out of pitchers who most feel their best pitching days are behind them is the stuff of legend. And it’s no wonder with what’s he’s done with LOOP. No one, including me thought it was a good idea to turn LOOP into a starter. He was a career late inning reliever. I don’t know how Dave knew LOOP could start, and start very well. But he did. And I’m glad he has. Because without LOOP, the Cardinals wouldn’t even be winners of ten games right now.

And now comes the nasty portion of the program. I am sick and tired of watching the 2007 St. Louis Cardinals. Other than LOOP and the bullpen, they can’t pitch. They can’t hit. They can’t field. They can’t win. They flat out suck. You can no longer say the “core” players in the line up are in a hitting slump. We are way past a simple slump here. Pujols, Scotty and Jimmy are all hovering around the Mendoza line. All three have shown no ability to drive the ball for any power for over a month now. They can’t even hit singles anymore. All three are gripping their bats so hard that they are about to turn them into saw dust. I’ve never seen them press so hard before. Jimmy and Scotty’s performace’s I think are because of injury and age. Both have been cut on so much the past few years, I think their bodies have simply had enough. Jimmy has been crashing into walls and diving in the outfield so much over his career, that his shoulder just can’t take it any more. Scotty’s freak run in’s with He Suck Choi in 2005, and against the Snakes in 2003 playoffs have done the same to his shoulder. Both simply have no power to their swings and can’t drive the ball anymore. And Pujols for the first time in his illustrious career looks lost and over matched at the plate. I swear he is hurt. He needs to sit down and get well. If he continues to keep going out there and playing he is risking a greater injury that could threaten his career. Throw in the under performance of ECK in the lead off spot, AK’s slow start, Juan Enc’s absence, it’s no wonder this team can’t score to save their lives. Yadda and Baby Dunc are the only productive players in the every day line up. Miles and Spiezio have started doing well off the bench. Ludwick has been a nice addition up from Memphis. Maybe that’s what needs to happen. Tony should set down all the regulars who are not pulling their weight, and start the bench guys. Does anyone honestly think the bench guys would play worse than the regulars?  

Now I could throw all kinds of stats at you showing the severity of their impotence in the batters box, but I’m just not that big of a stats oriented guy. The only stat you need to know is this one. The last time the Cardinals hit a home run was May 1st when Chris Duncan hit a solo shot off of the Brew Crew’s Ben Sheets. Today’s date is Monday, May 14th. That is all you need to know.

The 2007 St. Louis Cardinals are an embarrassment to the game of baseball. They are an even bigger embarrassment to their loyal and dedicated fans. I am sick and tired of watching them get shut out by scrub pitchers who don’t belong in the big leagues. I am sick and tired of watching the Big 3 strike out, pop up, and ground into double plays every time they come up to the plate. It’s high time they sack up and admit what everyone else can clearly see. They simply can’t cut it anymore. At least they can’t cut it for 2007. They are doing nothing but hurting the Cardinals, and hurting themselves.

I don’t know how long Dewitt & CO are going to put up with this pathetic excuse of a team. Their ability (or lack there of) to drive in and score runs is pathetic, disgusting, and completely unacceptable for a defending World Series Champion. Serious changes need to be made, and they need to be made now. Hal was right when he said that the time to wait for the vets on the team to hit their way out of their slumps is over. Heads need to roll. This is not an acceptable form of play for the defending World Champions. We fans will not continue to support a team that is doing nothing but damaging this once proud franchise. Dewitt & CO need to make changes NOW. If they keep ignoring the problem, fans will stop filling the seats of Busch III, buying $8 dollar Bud Lights, and Busch II urinals. No one will continue to support a team that keeps embarrassing the loyal fans, and making a laughing stock of the Cardinals franchise.

I’m betting that’s the only way Dewitt & CO will do something about the Cardinals dreadful play is if we the fans hit them where it will hurt most. In their padded, over stuffed wallets.

Sorry mom, but this had to be said. I guess I never learned to listen when you said don’t say nothin’ at all. Don’t get me wrong everyone, I’ll still watch the Cardinals this week. But only because they are playing in LA against the Dodgers. And that means dad and I will get to hear Vin Scully call the games. But that’s the only reason I’m watching. Vin is the best play-by-play announcer the game of baseball has ever seen. Next to Jack Buck of course. So enjoy the greatness that is Vin for the next three games. Because the Cardinals “play” sure ain’t enjoying to watch.

Till next time, always remember, keep makin it bounce.


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