One Game Does Not Make A Trend

Last nights 8-4 pounding of the Dodger’s sure makes it easy for everyone to get some sleep at night. But let’s not get to far a head of our selves.

Yes Duncan ended the drought of 10 homerless games with a BOMB to right. Yes Brad pitched a really, really good 6 2/3 innings, only giving up 3 runs to earn the W. Yes the offense started to wake up by finally scoring first in what seamed like months. AK has really done well in the lead off spot while everyone waits on ECK to find his hitting stroke. And BTW, ECK had 3 hits and one RBI last night.  Jimmy and Rolen also pitched in with two hits and one RBI each. Yadda got a hit and a RBI. Even Juan got his first hit and RBI of the season. In fact, everyone but Pujols had a hit last night. And there it is. The dark cloud that still hovers over the Cards even when they have a good day.   

The Cardinals are still 8 games back of the division leading Brew Crew. Who are finally showing signs of coming back to earth. The Cards are still dead last in most offensive categories. No one on the team is hitting over .300. Jimmy and Rolen are still hovering around the Mendoza line. Wells is 1-7. Anthony is 0-6. Carp and Marky Mark are still on the DL and may not be heard from again this season. And worst of all, what should really be worring Cardinal Nation right now is that Albert Pujols is clearly hurt. He is still only hitting .239. And it’s May 15th! He still has not shown the ability to drive the ball with any power on a day to day basis. Yes he smoked two balls last night that were both caught for outs. But he’s gone on record as saying his hammy hurts, and his oblique is not right. So that has caused him to alter his swing, and that very well could be the reason his production numbers across the board are way, WAY down from his usual great self. My opinion is the offense is only as good as Albert makes it. If he is his usual great self, then the other hitters will get fatter pitches to hit. If he slumps, no one gets anything to hit. I think that’s happening now. Teams can tell Albert is not right, so they tease him with crap inside and outside, forcing him to expand his zone, and he gets himself out most of the time. Then, they don’t have to feed down the middle BP heat to Dunk, Scotty, Jimmy, Juan, etc, etc. Hence the entire team is currently stuck in the slump from hell. Could I be wrong? Maybe. If I am, prove it.

Tuesday nights game will tell us if Monday nights game was a fluke or not. This team has been wildly inconsistent all season long, and if go out and put up a big donut against Lowe don’t be surprised. Lowe, who has a good sinker when he is on his game, has the ability to shut the Cards down. He should put up a better fight than Tomko did. But if AK can get on base in the 1st, and Dunk can hit a double, and Albert smoke a homer to right, the Cards have a much better chance of winning. AWesome can shut down any team in the bigs. And I look for him to have a great game. Of course every time I pick a player to have a good game this season, he goes out and stinks up the joint. So who knows. I’ll be watching, and I’ll be back later in the week with more of the charm, wit, and knowledge you all have come to know, love and expect. Till next time. Keep making it bounce.


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