Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Now the hitters know how the pitching rotation has felt all season long. The last four games the Cardinals hitters have put up 8, 7, 4, & 4 runs. And in those games, the Cardinals pitchers have given up 4, 9, 5, & 14 runs. It’s no surprise that the Cardinals are 1-4 in those games, and have lost 3 in a row.

Tuesday I told every one that just because the Cards put up a 8 spot while beating the Dodgers, it didn’t mean that the worm had finally turned, and blue skies and winning ways were once again in the forcast the the 2007 Cardinals. But even I didn’t think that the pitching would collapse like it has. Adam and Kippy looked terrible in their loses to the Dodgers. And LOOP flat stuck up the whole state of michigan Friday night. And that’s a hard thing to do since we all know the people in michigan don’t know how to use soap. What makes these last few loses so frustrating to swallow is the fact that the hitters FINALLY woke up from their season long slumber and starting putting some runs up on the board. But I guess it’s only fitting that pitching craps out at the same time the line up finally starts to hit uh? How many loses does Anthony have because the hitters took the night off when he started? But I’m sure no one on the team is happy about the resent switch of luck for the pitchers.

There are few words to describe just how bad the Cards got beat Friday night. It wasn’t just a beat down, you normal run of the mill butt kicking that one might get in a street fight. No, the Tigers walked right up to the Cards, bashed them in the head with a bat, ripped their hearts out, fried them in a pan, put some A1 on them, and ate them in front of them while the Cardinals looked on in amazement and wonder, then fell face first to the ground dead. If revenge is a dish best served cold, the Cards got a heaping helping full of it last night. The words ugly and embarrassing just don’t do justice to the Cardinals play last night. It started off badly for the Cards when they had the bases loaded in the 1st, and didn’t score. Then 3 batters into the bottom of the inning, LOOP groves one to The Sheff, and he does what he always does to those kind of pitches. He promptly deposited it in the left field seats. And it got worse from there. One good thing came out of that debacle, Albert got off the snide and was 4-4 with a HR, 2 RBI’s, and 1 walk. I hope and pray he goes off on one of his year long tears and destroy’s a pitcher or two career’s.

Only thing I’m going to say about KIPPY’s and Adam’s start is this. Tony left them both in for too freaking long. Why? Well he was trying to get KIPPY a win, and I have no idea why he did it to Adam. I can understand what he was trying to do for KIPPY. IF it’s September and the teams out of it and KIPPY needs a win to pad his personal stats. Not in freaking May when the team is struggling and in need of a win badly. The Cardinals still think they have a chance to make the playoffs, so they need every win they can get. KIPPY was clearly running out of gas, and he was not getting any help from the ump. To let him face Betemit when he was already at pitch 119 in the 5th inning was not wise. And it was just Tony being Tony. Love him or hate him(and generaly I love him)Tony will always stick up for his players, and he will do almost ANYTHING to make them look good on the field. In most cases I understand it. But in this case, trying to get KIPPY a win just was not the smartest move. Adam told the media he has been pitching with a sore arm and elbow for most of the season. If that’s true, he should be handled with kid gloves. Not be left out to get shelled like he was Tuesday night. No one is going to beat himself up more after a loss than Tony. And I’m sure he’s plenty bruised from his own mental beat downs. But dang Tony, you sure crapped the bed big time when you didn’t pull KIPPY and Adam sooner.  

Before I close I want to talk a little about the main topic of the day on Thursday. On stltoday.com Bernie Miklasz did a piece about Tony leaving or staying at the end of the season. If you have not read it, head on over there now, then come back here for my thoughts. My take is simple, there is no better Big 3,  GM/Manager/Pitching coach in the game right now that what we have in the STL. Yes they have been there for 12 years now, and together even longer if you count the time they spent together in Oakland. But the time for all 3 of them to leave the Cardinals in not now. Bernie hints that Tony has lost the team because they all believe he is leaving, so they don’t have to listen to him anymore. And frankly that’s a load of shit. The media has said Tony can’t lead this team ever since Josh Hancock got drunk and killed himself. And I am sick of it. Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, and Chris Carpenter would not let that clubhouse turn their backs on Tony after all he, Dave & Walt have done for them. Bernie thinks that if Tony told Dewitt & CO he wanted to stay for another 3 years right now, and the Big 3 worked out deals to all stay together, that the team would again start listening to Tony & Dave because they know they won’t be gone after the season is over. I just don’t buy into that. I just don’t think the players not listening to Tony & Dave is the reason the Cards suck right now. While Bernie apparently does. The problem is that the Cards were not able to keep Soup and Dream Weaver. KIPPY & Adam have not been as good as promised. Anthony can’t get any run support. Carp and Marky Mark are on the DL. And until this week, half the team forgot how to hit. And our bench has been over exposed. That’s why the Cards suck Bernie. Not because they quit listening to Tony.

Bernie also hints at the idea Tony,Dave & Walt don’t want to be involved in the youth movement that the Cardinal orgination is moving towards. And also because Dewitt & CO hired a young guy in Jeff Lunhow to take over the minor leagues. I’m not in the offices of the Cardinals, and no one that works behind those doors is talking. But the Post-Dispatch and FSN Midwest have been saying for a month now there is a divide in their ranks over Lunhow, the way he was hired and promoted, and the way he does his job. He’s a Moneyball guy, and the Big 3 are not. I can understand if Tony & Dave don’t want to work for anther GM, especially a guy who does not agree with the way they run the team. But Walt has one year left on his deal, Tony & Dave are the guys who can walk away in October when the year is over. So if they left, Walt is going to stay for at least one more season, maybe more. No one has asked Walt if he could ever see himself having anther manager/pitching coach working under him running the Cardinals. I wish the media in St. Louis would because that would give us a bigger hint at what the Cardinals will look like in the years to come. I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of the Big 3 has ever come out and said that if one of them ever quits, then they all quit.

Bernie hinted at the idea that because Tony & Dave don’t like working with younger players then neither one will be around after the year is up. And frankly that’s another load Bernie. I know I don’t have a college degree like you, and I sure as hell don’t get paid like you do to cover the Cardinals. But if they didn’t like working with younger players, they why did they ride them so hard at the end of the year all the way to the Cardinals 10th World Championship? When push came to shove, Tony & Dave had to use the kids, and the kids responded very well under the greatest pressure a major league ball player can be exposed to. So well in fact that they all have nice shiny rings to show off to all the pretty girls in the STL. The idea that the Big 3 don’t want to work with and develop kids is nonsense. Yes, their preference is to trust vets over young players. But I think they all understand that in the current baseball environment, for a team to remain successful and make a run at the playoffs year after year, they have to have their own supply of cheap young talent to fill vital rolls on their team. Other wise their payroll would be $200 Million or more year after year. And there are only a handful of teams that can afford to put a $200+ Million team on the field year after year. And we all know the Cardinals are not one of them.

I am not stupid. I know Tony & Dave won’t coach for the Cardinals forever. But if Dewitt & CO force out any one of the Big 3 at the end of the year. I am sure that the winning ways we have all come to know, love and expect won’t as frequent as we have become used to. You know the saying, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”? Well, I’m afraid all of Cardinal Nation will find that out the hard way if any one of the Big 3 are not in control of the Cardinals for the foreseeable future.

Well, that’s all the knowledge I think everyone can handle from me right now. I’ll probably be back on Monday to recap the final two games against the Tigers. Here’s hoping the home town team can regroup from the beat down they took on Friday night. And they try and salvage at least one series victory on this road trip. Everyone try have a good weekend. No matter how good or bad the Cardinals play on the diamond is.

Till next time, always make it bounce.


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