If You Thought This Was Rock Bottom, Things Can Get Worse

Don’t believe me? Just check out stltoday.com and read The Commish’s stories from Monday.


Tony’s calling out Jimmy for not catching two balls. Jimmy pretty much blew it off to the press, but if they don’t talk about it. This could turn into another problem like last season when Scotty & Tony stopped talking when Tony benched him late in the season, and in the playoffs. And that spilled over into spring training. This is the last things the Cards need right now. Instead of fighting each other, they need to pull together and turn this lost season into something positive. I’ve been saying this for weeks, and it’s still true. If they don’t start winning, and winning now, Walt & CO will blow this team up, Tony & Dave might quit. And the winning ways the Cards have enjoyed for so many years may be distant memories for all of us for the next few years.

Huge remarked to me today that the mood of my writings about the Cards is all doom & gloom. Well, what else is there? I’m trying to be positive. I really am. But it’s just not working. My own personal life isn’t helping my mood either. But I’ve tried to find the positives, and there just aren’t that many. Certainly not enough to fill up a story. Don’t believe me? Just check out this fun story here that Joe Strauss did on the 20th. If that just don’t make you want to jump in the Mississippi, I don’t know what will.

I was going to write about the weekend series, but I just don’t have it in me. We all saw it, it was a disaster. And I won’t shed any new light on this dismal season that everyone hasn’t already read. So instead I will try to end this on a positive note. The Pirates come to town for three games. Then the Nats for three more. Two teams that are probably playing as bad, or worse than the Cards. HOPEFULLY the Cards can either sweep both series, or at the very least win them both. No matter what happens, I’ll be back giving you my unique perspective on the Cards you all have come to know and love.

Till next time. Always make it bounce.


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