When Is A Sweep Not A Sweep?

When you sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m nearly tickled pink that the Cards swept them right out of town. BUT it’s not like the Cards just manhandled them and won every game by double digits. The Pirates were in every games, and probably should have won every game. But the Pirates are still the Pirates, and the Cards are still the Cards. So the Cards held there own like the teams of the past that we have all come to know and love. This next series against the Nats will feature a much better team in which to measure the Cardinals progress out of their season long funk.

In the Natti the Nats scored 7,8,12, and 4 runs to take the series from the flaccid Reds. They always score more runs on the road when they are away from the HUGE RFK stadium. And historically they always play the Cards tough. I can remember when they were still the Expos they would come into town and play like it was the World Series. I’m worried our 3 young starters will have problems going deep into the games. They will definitely have their work cut out for them this weekend. The Nats come into town a hot, hot, HOT offence and full of confidence. And don’t forget they are throwing another lefty starter at us tonight. The Cardinals Kryptonite. The Nats are going to do their darnest to sweep the Cards and put them right back into the season long funk we have become all too familiar with. If Tony and the boys aren’t ready, or think all their problems were salved with the lucky sweep of the hapless Pirates, the Nats will take care of business and run all over them. Busch III has shown to be homer prone in the warm weather. If Anthony, Adam, and Brad get the ball up, it could be a long, LONG weekend.

Well I hope every one has a good Memorial Day weekend. Remember it’s not just another day off work. Take time Monday to remember all our service men and women who have given their all so that we can sit around and watch sports. I’ll try and be back Tuesday with a recap of all the weekends festivities. Make it a great weekend, and be safe out there.

Till next time, Remember always make it bounce.


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