Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Just like this site was in big time need of a few changes, so too is the 2007 version of the St. Louis Cardinals. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfy, this could take a while. And ooh yes, it’s going to hurt. But it will hurt ooh so good.

As I look out my bedroom window I can see the full moon. It’s a dark, burnt orange color. With some clouds below it, it looks really ominous. CCR’s *Bad Moon Rising* comes to mind. The whole scene reminds me of the current state the Cardinals find themselves in. Things are so bad, that I really don’t know where to start. There are so many things wrong with the Cardinals right now it’s not even funny. I guess I can start at the top with the starting  rotation. Here it is, our Ace of the staff, our #1 starter is Braden Looper. Followed by Kippy Wells, then Adam Wainwright, then Brad Thompson, and finally bringing up the rear, Todd Wellemeyer. This is not some bad joke. This is not, repeat NOT a bad dream. Those are the 5 men entrusted with the the duty to hold up all that is dear to Cardinal Nation. To be honest, that responsibility does not fall solely on their shoulders. There are 20 other guys + the coaches and front office that bare that burden as well, but it sounded kinda cool didn’t it? Anyway, that is your St. Louis Cardinals starting five. Doesn’t really give you the warm and fuzzy’s does it? It does not matter than Wellemeyer did an OK job Wednesday night. The simple fact is, the Cardinals can’t be expected to win anything as long as those 5 men are in the starting rotation. LOOP as come back down to earth, even before he hit the mile high city he was showing signs of  losing his mojo. Walks are  KILLING him, more so than most pitchers. Adam probably was not ready to be a full time starter. Or if you choose to believe he was pitching with a *tired, sore arm*, and that was the cause of his struggles, have I got a deal for you on some ocean front property in a lovely suburb of Denver! I expect nothing but a huge disaster from Wellemeyer, and I am tickled purple that he didn’t crap his bed Wednesday night. But to expect him to keep repeating that performance start after start is simply asking too much of the man. Brad is what he is. A sinker ball pitcher, that if he keeps pounding the bottom of the strike zone will have some success. But, and that’s a big ol’e but. If he is off, and the ball goes up in the zone, he’s going to get crushed. He’s not a guy we can depend on just yet to keep the other team down while our offense kicks it into drive. And Kippy, dang, I don’t have anything good to say about him. So I’m going to do what my mom always told me to do, keep my mouth shut. Needless to say, he’s not improving, and he needs to go. So beam with pride Cardinal Nation, there is your 2007 starting five.

You’ll notice one very important name missing from that list. No it’s not Carp or Marky Mark. It’s Anthony Reyes. The Cards sent him backing back to Memphis on Sunday. Here’s my take on the whole Reyes situation. The Cards simply F**K’ed the poor kid up so much by trying to FORCE him to change his pitching style by making him throw a two-seam fastball in order to get ground ball outs. They felt, and continue to feel that he can’t survive in the bigs by only throwing his four seamer, and change up. Which is what he did in college and the minors. And he was pretty successful at it I might add. What I don’t get is why? WHY the heck are they trying to change what made him great? It can’t be because the all powerful Dave Duncan does not know any other way to teach a pitcher how to pitch right? Dave’s *pitch to contact* philosophy is great if you can’t throw above the low 90’s, but Anthony’s four seamer can hit 95-96 easily all the live long day. So why are they screwing this kid up? What did he do to piss off Dave and possibly Tony as well? I don’t have a mole in the Cards clubhouse, and since the powers that be aren’t saying much except that Anthony has *regressed in his development* we probably are not going to get a clear answer as to why they’ve totally screwed this kid up. As much as it kills me to say this, I feel it’s time for Anthony and the Cards to part ways. They need to trade him for a power bat, or an impact pitcher close to free agency who they should try to resign ASAP. They clearly are not on the same page with the kid, and they never will be. If it was going to happen it would have already happened. Anthony’s the kind of blue chip prospect that can land us almost any player we want. So I say call up the Twins, and get Torii Hunter down to the Lou pronto. I’ve been saying that to anyone who would listen to me for over two years now. Torii is from Arkansas, probably grew up rooting for the Cards. Is the top center fielder out there. And is on record as saying he won’t resign with the Twins because they already told him they are not going to pay him what he is worth on the open market. So send them Anthony, we get Torii, and every body wins.

It seams that all of a sudden the injury bug is biting the Cardinals something awful fearce. Tuesday Yadda had his wrist broken and will be out till late July. That’s if he’s a fast healer. Baby Dunk has some crazy infection with his knee that’s going to keep him out a while. So he probably should go on the DL. ECK is on the verge of pulling his oblique again. The Imperial is having some weird reaction to some allergy meds he took, and he’s all fuzzy in the head and isn’t up to playing. Scotty Ro has a mild concussion from running into the backside of Big D over the weekend and hitting the deck hard. Juan’s wrist is still weaker than a china dolls. On top of Albert’s many ake’s and pains, Carp & Marky Mark are still on the DL till August. K Dub is also on the DL out with a bad knee that probably needs to be cut on, and if so his playing days will be O V E R. Don’t forget we lost Kenney for the whole year in the spring. So that’s leaves the Cards with who playing *healthy*? Jimmy, AK, Miles, Wild Turkey, SO OLD Gouch and Dud. No wonder the Cardinals are 6 1/2 games out with a record of 21-29.

No defending World Champion has had to go through what the Cardinals are going through right now. Think about that for a minute. In all the history of this great game of baseball, no defending champ has to put up with so much going so wrong all at the same time. Think about it, look back at everything that’s happened just this calender year. Tony get’s a DUI with less than two weeks to go in the spring. (Allegedly) Juan and Jimmy are slow to heal from their off season surgeries. ECK and AK pull their oblique’s in the spring. Kinney blows out his arm. Carp and Albert both get hurt on opening night. Hancock gets drunk and dies in a car wreck. Kippy, Adam and Anthony all are underperforming. The bats go silent all at once. Three of our biggest contributors either are now hurt(Slam Dunk,Yadda) and the third LOOP has come crashing back down to earth. If not for out pen, what was the biggest question mark coming out of spring, the Cards would probably only have between 10-15 wins. IZZY is back and better than ever. TJ and Randy have done really well. Franklin has been great in the set up role, but even he was sick last week and missed some time with strep throat. Almost everything that can go wrong for the Cards has. And yet, here they are only 6 1/2 games back in the NL Central. If not for the Brew Crew’s remembering that they actually are the Brewer’s, the Cards season would have been over weeks ago.

But it’s not. Some how they’ve stayed close to Milwaukee. Every team in the division other than the Brew Crew is playing under .500 baseball. It’s crazy. On paper the Reds and ‘Stros should be right there with Milwaukee. But they are playing worse than the Cards are right now. They all seam to have the same problem. None of the them can beat teams outside of the Central. The Cards win last night was only their 6th win against a team outside of the Central. If they don’t start beating teams outside of the division soon, the season really will be over.

So where do the Cards go from here? Only way to go is up right? They can’t keep playing so poorly right? RIGHT???? Well don’t expect much my friends. I’m afraid the Cards simply don’t have the fire power they used to. With all their injuries, and players not performing up to their usual standards, it’s probably going to keep on being a very long, and very fustrating season for us fans. If Dewitt & CO continue to believe that if they just wait on Carp and Marky Mark to come off the DL, then the Cards will once again make the playoffs. It will seal their fate. If they wait to make some moves, the Cardinals will, repeat will miss the playoffs just one short year after winning the World Series. Changes need to be made, and they need to be made right now. I don’t put anything into the fact that they scored 8 runs last night in beating the Rocks. This offence is still dreadful, and now with so many of it’s parts out for the foreseeable future, it’s not going to get any better. I think it’s high time some of the kids in Memphis get a cup of coffee and lets all see what they are really made of. Walt is always looking for pitching help. And catching help now that Yadda is hurt. Good luck with all that. No team is going to be in a hurry to help out the Cards, especially since Walt, wisely I might add, won’t part with any of the Cards best to fill those needs for a month or two. I still believe it’s not worth killing the future, to pay for the present. I’m not conceding anything. Yet. But it may be too late to help the Cards get to the playoffs. They really are as bad as their record indicates. It would be foolish of the Cards to trade some kids for some aging vets that may or may not help. No major trade is going to happen unless they put Anthony out there. And I honestly don’t think Walt would move him mid season unless he got some one like Hunter in return. What needs to happen most is the MV3 to start playing like they deserve to be referred to by that nick name. Some how, some way the starting pitching holds up. If those two things happen, then maybe, MAYBE the Cards can make the playoffs.

If the Cards fall any farther back, expect the kids to make an appearance soon. If not, and they stay close, we may seen a trade or two. But all indications from the Cardinals are nothing is going to happen just yet. So I guess that leaves us fans right where we were to begin with. Waiting, hoping, praying some good things will finally happen to our beloved Cards. And once again they resume their winning ways we all have come to know, love, and expect.

If you are new to this site, or simply a lot like me and don’t really pay to close attention to what’s going on around you. Or maybe you’re not all that bright. Whatever your personal problems may be, you’ll notice a change in format and a nice pretty picture to look at on most pages. You’ll even notice I’ve finally added some stuff to my bio, and a avatar. Whatever the heck that is. I’ve been pretty board with how things looked for a while now. And over the long weekend made some changes. It’s the reason why there wasn’t a new entry up when I said I would have one up. I hope you like the changes. If not, bite me. I don’t really give a crap. I’ll still do what I do. Because that’s what I do. And that’s all that I can do. And before anyone asks me these questions I’ll go ahead and answer them now. No I don’t know who the girls are. I am not now, nor have I ever dated either one of them. Nor have I ever seen either one of them naked. And no, I don’t know of a place where you can find naked pics of them. I found the pic sometime last year. I can’t remember where I got it, but I’m pretty sure those girls are from the STL. So if you live in the metro area keep your eyes open, you may bump into them at some point. I like attractive women, And those two fine lasses like the Cardinals. I think the pic works well with what I’m all about. One could say it’s a match made in heaven. You know the old saying, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well that don’t apply here. From now on you’ll now know exactly what to expect when you visit this site the second you get here. Some of the most unique, indepth coverage of the greatest team the National League has ever seen. Your St. Louis Cardinals. 

I’ll be back soon. Till next time this is Jonny Bone sayin’ to you and yours, always remember. Keep makin it bounce.   



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