And That’s A 1000TH Winner For Tony!

That’s right folks, with last night 8-1 win over the ‘Stros, Tony La Russa has now managed 1000 wins for our beloved Cardinals. Every one stand up and give the man a much deserved round of applause. Congrats Tony! You earned each and every one.

As far as wins go, this one was in doubt until the top of the 9th inning when Instant Breakfast (Juan Encarnacion) and Wild Turkey Shooter Extraordinaire (Gary Bennett) hit back to back jacks to untie a 1-1 score. Then it seamed like every one got in on the hit parade and the Cards went on to score another 5 runs to make it a 8-1 blow out for the Skips 1000th win as a Cardinal. Bennett had himself a heck of an inning when he came to the plate again, this time the bases were loaded, and he promptly hit a double to left for two more RBI’s.

Adam did just what he had to do and more when he matched Roy pitch for pitch, inning for inning and put up nothing but zero’s, except in the 6th when he gave up an RBI double to El Caballo after an epic at bat by the big fellow. I missed that inning because I had to go grab another late dinner, but I heard about it and saw the highlight of it on FSN Midwest’s post game show. If you read Friday’s late entry you know that I was worried about Adam putting too much pressure on himself to be as perfect as Roy probably would be. And that I thought it was too early in Adam’s career for him to be as dominant as Roy usually is when he faces the Cardinals. Well I stand corrected. At least for last night I was wrong about Adam’s ability to be a dominant starting pitcher. But I think it’s important to remember that he did only shut down the ‘Stros. Not exactly a murders row line up. Granted they all are major league hitters, but still, the fear of facing that team hasn’t kept many starting pitchers up the night before they face them.

I can’t say it enough just how big of an accomplishment it was for Tony to have won his 1000th game last night. It was great to see Skip smiling during his post game interview. You could tell by the look on his face just how special this milestone was for him. And how greatful he is that he was able to reach it. He really does understand, probably better than you or I will ever understand, just how precious, and how great of an honor it is to be one of the chosen few to wear the Birds On The Bat. In this day and age you simply don’t see a manager staying with a team long enough to win 1000 games. Teams are not patience with their managers to allow them the years to stay with a club in order to give the manager a chance to get to 1000 wins. And now Tony is only 41 wins away from tying Hall of Famer Red Schoendienst for most wins as a Cardinals manager. And obviously 42 away from breaking his record. And even with the Cardinals playing their worst, Tony has more than a good chance at breaking that this season.

And boy did it just get a lot harder for everyone’s favorite 1000 game winner. Late word out of H-Town is Chris Duncan is going on the DL, retroactive of course, and they are calling up infielder Brenden Ryan from Memphis because Scotty and ECK are going to need a few days off. ECK got drilled by what I feel was a intentional pitch from Roy on his elbow. And it hurt, it really really hurt. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it was broken. He could be out a while if it is indeed broken. Remember, if it is broken, you heard it hear first. And Scotty strained his hammy last night and left after the top of the 3rd inning. And his MV3 brother’s Pujols & Jimmy also came up lame and each grabbed the backs of their legs at different points during lasts nights win. Must have been something in the water, because I’ve never, EVER seen 3 key players all have the same injury during the same game. It could only happen to your 2007 Cardinals. So now our unhealthy players out number the healthy ones. We pretty much got AK, and Wild Turkey as the only healthy starters. And a bench full of fill ins that are going to be getting some serious playing time in the coming weeks. May GOD have mercy on us all.

Well we knew it wouldn’t be all lolly pops and rainbows this season right? Skip & Dave really have their work cut out for them this season. I hope they are up to it. But no matter what, this year will always be the year that Tony La Russa became a 1000 game winning manager of your St. Louis Cardinals. So you see? It wasn’t a total loss now was it?

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding you to always remember. Keep makin it bounce.



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