Always Leave Them Wanting More

It’s every entertainer’s goal to go out on a high note, and have their audiance wanting, almost begging for more material. After watching the brilliance that was the final new episode EVER of The Sopranos last night. I find that I don’t have any thing to share with the world that comes close to the quality Dave Chase gave the world last night. So I’m taking Monday off.

I mean seriously, when every one is expecting Tony to get wacked by Phil, the Feds, or that Russian who was an interior decorating killer of 16 Czechoslovakians. Or an even worse fate of prison, suicide, or flipping on his family and going into witness protection. Nothing like that happens. So what does Dave have him do? Tie all his lose ends up, and go back to living his life as normally as Tony Soprano could live a normal life. He turns Phil’s New York boy’s against him and has him wacked. In a simply BRILIANT scene. Seriously, this term is over used so much it’s lost a lot of it’s meaning, but that was CLASSIC. Phil got what was coming to him, and then some. AWESOME. Then Tony and Carm fix AJ, and bring him back from the brink of becoming an CIA agent by day, and Donald Trumps personal helicopter pilot by night. And give him a movie to work on, and a late model M3 after he toasted his Exterra during a make out session with a hottie 17 year old model. Nice life if you can live it kid. And then the final scene in the diner, where Tony is waiting on his family to meet for dinner. And all those shady guys are milling around, you just knew one of them was going to pull out a gun didn’t you? Seriously the whole time I was yelling at the TV for Tony to leave so his family wouldn’t watch him get wacked. That was the most intense scene in television history. EVER. Hands down you can’t beat it. Nothing may ever top it. And then Tony looked into the camera, and everything goes black. And for you west coasters, Meadow runs into the diner, and everything goes black. (Just who the heck taught her to park a car anyway?) That was pure genius.

I’ve read already this morning lots of anger by fans who feel ripped off that the ending sucked. And to you all I emplore you to watch it again. If you are a real fan of The Soprano’s, you’ll see that ending was perfect. Lots of things still left up in the air. First and fore most, are one of those men in the diner a hit man? Will Sil ever wake up? Who flipped on Tony and is talking to the Feds? Is Tony going to go to jail? All those questions and more are out there for fans to discuss while we hope that a movie is made sometime in the next 5 years or so. That’s episode is exactly what made the show a hit in the first place.

Nothing the Cards did comes close to that, so I’ve got nothing to say. Of course the only game they win in the series is the only game NOT on DTV EI, so I can’t give you my take on what good the Cards did this past weekend. Because I only saw the bad. And honestly, I’m more than a little tired of all the *doom&gloom talk* that Huge told me my writing was about. So, I’m taking the day off. Enjoy your Monday everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow. For now, I’m going to watch the final episode of the Sopranos a few more times and bask in it’s briliance. And pray one day, I have half that amazing amount of talent and material to share with the world.

Till next time, this is Jonny Bone reminding every one out there to always, and I do mean ALWAS, keep makin it bounce.



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