Cards vs Royals

After a much needed day off, I’m back to tell you all you need to know about the up coming three game series in Kansas City. But I’m going to be honest with you. There’s not a lot of new info in today’s entry. I’m stating the obvious in a lot of it. But there’s enough of my own unique twist to satisfy even my harshest critics. 

This is nothing you have not heard before. The Cards need their starters to get it together and go at least six innings without them crapping their beds. The bats around Albert need to continue to keep giving the big man protection. And they have to play good defense. That’s about it. If the Cards do that, they should sweep the series. What? That’s not enough for you? OK, let’s go a little deeper. Honestly I don’t know a lot about the Royals. Why would I unless I’m a stat geek. Which I am most certainly not. I probably can’t name more than 5 guys on their 40 man roster. Grud and Reggie still play for them don’t they? But I did some digging and this is what I found that I feel is most important to the Cards. The Royals are 5-5 in the last 10 games. They played Tampa, Cleveland and the Phils. They split the Tampa series and won the Phils series. You may have heard that put a 17 spot on the board against the Phils on Sunday. WOW. I know that got my attention. They lost their series against C-Town. So what does that tell us? Well, Tampa is bad, the Phils are probably overrated.(Shocking a NL East team overrated!) And C-Town is as good as advertised. Yes OK, but what does that tell us about the Royals? Will they run all over the Cards like the Angels did over the weekend? Will they get swept by the Cards?

Honestly I don’t know. Here’s what I do know. When the Royals face the Cards, they treat it like their World Series. They always give the Cards their best shot. And even though the Cards generally win the series, KC never makes it easy on us. Going by the pitching match ups alone, KC has to have the upper hand going into tonight’s game, and Thursday nights game because KIPPY is pitching for the Cards. But Scott Elarton and his 7.34 ERA is going for KC, so expect A LOT of runs to be scored Thursday night. Back to tonight’s game, Brian Bannister and his 3.33 ERA pitches for KC. (Don’t you just love it when the ERA is one digit?) Here is all you need to know about him. He is the pitcher that has the potential to give the Cards the most trouble. He’s right out of the Jeff Suppon mold. He won’t blow you away with heat, but if he hits his spots, he can be down right nasty to face. He pitches better at night with a 2.92 ERA, but at home his ERA is 5.06. So something got to give tonight. He owns righty’s by holding them to only a .173 batting average, but lefty’s own him by hitting an even .300 off of him. So expect Tony to start Speezer at DH, right field, or 1st. Also AK definitely will be in the line up as well. Since he’s mostly a control pitcher, if the ump has a wide zone, that won’t be doing the Cards any favors. And since I’m convinced MLB does everything in their power to screw the Cards by having the worst umps call their games, tonight’s game has the makings of a long and painful night. But then again, these are the Royals, so the Cards could easily light them up for a 10 spot tonight. Tonight’s a coin flip. It really could go either way. If Brad keeps the ball down, he can mow threw KC’s line up with ease.

And that right there is the key to the game. If Brad pitches well, the Cards will win. They can hit Bannister. At least I think they should be able to. From what I’ve read, nothing about him impress me. Then again, I’ve thought that about a lot of pitchers who have held the Cards down for 8 innings during games the past two seasons. But the O has shown signs of waking up. And just like Tony Soprano did Sunday night, I’m choosing to focus on the good, and I won’t stop believing in my Cards. I pick the Cards to sweep the series. I feel it’s a must for them, because the way the A’s are playing, (the Cards fly to Oakland Thursday night for a three game set over the weekend) they very well could sweep the Cards out of the west coast.

But that’s another story for another day. I’ll be back with my take on the Cards vs KC. Should be a fun series. At least lets try and stay positive and hope it will be a good series for our Cardinals.

Till next time this is Johnny Bone reminding every one out there to always, keep makin it bounce.



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