Beating A Dead Horse

I’d like for just once to have something positive to say about KIPPY after he starts a game. But it does not appear like that will ever happen. At least it won’t happen while he’s wearing the Birds on the Bats.

Last night’s game is actually one of those games you want to forget as quickly as possible. It was THAT bad. What’s worse is the Cards had leads of 1-0 and 4-1, and KIPPY, Flores and Jimenez could not hold those leads to save the life a puppy from the wrath of Brad Thompson. KIPPY just flat stuck to no surprise to anyone who saw his career ERA against KC is above 9.00. At this point I tend to agree with every one out there. It’s time to remove KIPPY from the Cardinals rotation. But the question is, who do you replace him with?

(Ed’s note: It was at this point in the early hours of the morning I gave up and went to sleep. I had planned on having this entry out by early afternoon, but dad had his feeding tube & catheter changed today by his nurse, so I was busy with him till just know. I know it’s an hour and a half to game time, so I’ll write fast.)

There really is no easy answer to who put in KIPPY’s rotation spot. None of them are because of the fear they will do worse than KIPPY. No it’s more on a personal level that what will probably keep KIPPY starting for the Cards at least a little while longer. Like the great blog Viva El Birdos pointed out in this morning entry, KIPPY was hand picked by Dave Duncan to be a starter for the Cardinals. For years he told Walt to get him. Dave was convinced that he could turn him into a success. So naturally Tony will do whatever he can to cover Dave’s butt on this. I’m sure we have not seen the last of KIPPY as a starter. Dave isn’t ready to admit he was wrong, and Tony won’t either. What Dave never thought to take into consideration with KIPPY is some guys just will never know how to win. Clearly KIPPY has the stuff to be a winning pitcher. But it’s also even clearer that he has no idea how to win. I’ve pointed that out before. KIPPY came up as a Pirate, who’s teams have not won anything since 1992. So ever since he got to the bigs, he’s been surrounded by losers. It’s all he’s ever known. And even though he has good stuff, when you don’t know how to win, you’ll never be able to use your pitching talent the right way, become a success, and be able to win ball games

What’s worse now is KIPPY’s pitching is effecting his teammates. Any one who watched last nights game could see early on his teammates had no faith in the man. And their defense behind him proved it more than their body language of heads down and looks to the sky. Scotty botched 3 plays. AK botched more. Even Albert had a ball hit off his glove. But in his defense, that ball was hard hit. It was clear that in the 1st inning when KIPPY could not hold that 1-0 lead his teammates had given up on him. And as a pitcher, there’s no worse feeling in the world than being on the mound, in the center of all the action. And you really are all by your self because your teammates have given up on you.

One more thing about KIPPY. What makes this so hard for Tony & Dave is that KIPPY really is one of the good guys in baseball. He’s the exact opposite of Marquis last year when he was pitching. Jason didn’t care at all if he won or lost. He gave up on the Cards way before the Cards gave up on him. Which is why even though he’s pitching OK for the flubs, no Cardinal fan was sad to see him go. And we don’t want him back. EVER. But KIPPY is a different cat, he actually cares about his pitching. He knew this was his one good chance to prove to the world he was a good pitcher. And he knows he’s blowing it. Worse he knows he’s letting Dave & Tony and his teammates, and finally the fans down. And it’s weighing on him. You can see it and hear it in his post game comments. He sounds very depressed. It’s very hard to watch someone like this fail so badly. It’s very, very sad. I get no joy out of watching KIPPY answer question after question about why he sucks so badly, and he has no good answer. He’s just not a very good pitcher. He knows it, the Cards know it, and us fans know it. So you may say *well he’s making $4Mil a year, I don’t feel bad for him.* And fine, that’s your opinion and you have the right to feel that way. But no matter how much KIPPY sucks, he’s still a human being. He has feelings too. Us fans tend to forget that about an athlete who does not preform up to our expectations. The way he’s pitched so far has probably ruined any chance he had of ever again getting a major league contract. And even though he’s probably made millions over his career, those big pays days are probably gone. So don’t feel bad for him if you will. But just because you won’t ever be a millionaire playing baseball should not give you the right to take joy in the fact KIPPY could be out of a job.

Now who should take KIPPY’s spot in the rotation? That I don’t know, but I do know who I want to. I want Anthony back up to the Lou ASAP. I want Dave,Tony & Walt to set down with him and every one have their say and work out their differences. And then I want Anthony to go out there and pitch his game and see if he can’t be a success. I also want Anthony, if the rumors are true he does pitch smart during games and throws the wrong pitch to the wrong hitter at the exact wrong time, to work on his pitching smarts. To listen to Dave and do what he tells him to do, and throw the pitch the catcher calls. Stop shaking off Yadda & Wild Turkey. I’m sure if Anthony and the Cards work together, he’ll be a big success for the Cards for many years to come.

Now a little on tonight’s game. I really have a bad feeling going into tonight. Danny Haren as you know is starting for the A’s. He’s pitching so well this year. If he’s on tonight, he’ll no hit the Cards. I firmly believe that. After the game last night in KC, if they have not put that terrible loss behind them, it could be another long night. LOOP can shut down the A’s potent line up, but if his line up fails him, it will all be for naught. I hope they put that game and series behind them. I have not read or heard anything today so I don’t know how the team is feeling. Their collective psyche has to be fragile. If they don’t put that behind them, the Cards will once again play bad D, and not hit (even though they got 8 runs last night, they won’t do that against the A’s pitching staff) and the A’s will sweep this series.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a short game review of tonight’s game, and a look at tomorrow nights game. And don’t be surprised if Huge doesn’t have something to say this weekend as well. His schedule has opened up a little so he could be around here more often. So GO CARDINALS. See every one tomorrow.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone. As usual I want every one to remember, the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always make it bounce.



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