Happy Father’s Day

Instead of talking about the Cardinals ugly loss Friday night, or about their rare crooked number they put up in last nights game. I’m giving dads everywhere the much deserved thank you they should get on this Father’s Day. This is a subject close to my heart because my dads really sick. He can’t talk anymore, and I can’t take him out to lunch, or even outside any more. And even though we never saw eye to eye on most things, he’s still my dad. And I miss him every day.

From all of us at ATAW to all you dads out there, a big thank you for all you do for your kids. You teach them so much, like how to shoot a basketball. You teach them how to throw a football. You teach the boys how to shave, and how to open a door for a lady. And you teach your daughters to not date boys who don’t shave, or open the door for them. You show them how to change the oil in their car, and that duct tape really can fix almost any problem.  

But at the top of the ATAW list, you share with them your love of the great game we call baseball. You then teach them out to play catch. Then how to hit a baseball. You help them break in their very first glove and wrap it in rubber bands, put a baseball in it and put it under their mattress at night. You are the ones who take them to their first MLB game where you teach them how to keep score. You buy them their first ball park hot dog with all the fixing’s. Their first ballpark Coke, nachos, and bag of peanuts. And yes, even their very own first box of Cracker Jack’s. You explain to them the pros and cons of the double switch. You try to explain to them the infield fly rule. You buy them a hat at the park which they won’t take off for the rest of the summer, and deep into the fall. You wait patiently while they stand behind dugout of their favorite team long after the game is over in hope a player, it does not matter which one, any one will do, will sign their hat, or a ball they brought from home. And even if it’s only the bat boy that’s signing stuff, you tell them that’s OK, next game you take them to you’ll be there for batting practice and they can get a player’s autograph then. On the drive home, and at night when you tuck them into bed, you tell them about your first game, when your dad took you, and you saw your favorite team play. And you tell your kids that one day, they’ll take their son or daughter to their first game, and they’ll be able to tell them all about the time grandpa took you to your very first game. Because it’s something that they will never, ever forget.

You give your kids the hope & dream that one day, if they work hard enough that they could make it to the show. You take them to t-ball, then little league games. You sit in the stands during high school cheering them on, and yelling at the ump for daring to call you kid out on strikes. You’re there for them when they realize that a career in MLB isn’t in the cards for them, and you help them decide what to do next. And you do all this and more, why? Because you are our dads, that’s just what a dad’s supposed to do. You don’t do it for praise or a thank you. You do it, because you love you kids, and you love baseball. And we here at ATAW could not thank you more for all that you do. It’s because of you dad, that we love this game. That we pull for our team through thick and thin. We follow their stats on line, we spend way, way too much time in front of the TV watching pre and post game shows. We listen to crappy spots radio on the drive to work to hear if a big trade went down at the winter meetings. And yes, we even on occasion will watch Baseball Tonight(even though it’s a shell of it’s former self) if we missed the game and hope they stop talking about the Red Sox long enough to show us high lights of our favorite team.

So thank you dads. Your job is mostly a thankless job, except today. Sorry we don’t say it more, but we love you dad. And we appreciate all the sacrifices you made for us. And we hope one day, if we are lucky, we will grow up and be just like you.

Big Happy Father’s Day also to Huge. It’s his first, and even though Jr is still growing inside Mrs. Huge, Huge will always remember 2007 as his first Father’s Day. It looks like Huge will soon be off to bigger and better things. And we wish him the best, he’s a great and talented writer, and this blog won’t be the same without him. I hope every one who visits here enjoyed him while he was here. Because without Huge, there never would have been And That’s A Winner. Thanks for every thing Huge. Good luck, and GOD’s speed as you to travel to your next home.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one out there to give their dad a call, or take him out to lunch if you can. Tell him you love him, and thank him for all that he’s ever done for you. Do it for dad. I wish I could do the same for my dad, so do it now before it’s too late and you never have the chance to tell him just how thankful you are that he is your dad. And you love him.



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