Let The Mike Maroth Era Begin

Apparently the Cards not only got a pitcher that is a innings eater. But one of the truly all around good guys in baseball.

In Derrick Goold’s blog here, Derrek talks a little about Mike Maroth the man, not just the MLB pitcher. It’s a pretty good read. Mike’s a really good fit for the Cards. And that’s good to know. But I’ll talk about how good of a guy he is later. What I’m going to quickly hit on is the type of pitcher he is. A soft tossing lefty for the most part. He’s a control pitcher. And last season he had the same type of surgery Carp just had. He had bone chips cleaned out of his elbow. He’s lost some mph on his fastball, and he’s still looking for his control. He’s best known for losing 21 games a few seasons ago for the Tigers. And this season his ERA is 5.06. So he should fit right in with the Cards rotation this season. He’s a bit of a reclamation project, which is one of the reasons why the Tigers were willing to give him up for a PTBN. Dave once again is going to be asked to work his magic. Although in all fairness, it should not take too much to turn Mike into a winner. He’s almost there, so Dave just needs to give him a nudge in the right direction.

Being a control pitcher, Mike should, should fair much better in the NL vs the AL. Same with every one’s fave lefty who pitches for the White Sox. Mike’s walks and homers are up, so the Mets might not be the best club for him to make his first start against. Every one knows they can mash. But I had hoped the Mets were still not hitting against lefty starters. Which is not the case. So Mike’s got his work cut out for him tonight. He’s really getting thrown into the fire tonight. Our only hope is for him to limit the damage the Mets are going to do tonight. Because he probably won’t be able to shut them out. We just can’t expect him to do that. Not with how he’s pitching this year, and not with how the Mets are hitting lefty’s this year. If Mike can just go 6+ innings, and hold the Mets to under 4 runs. I think we have to look at that as a successful outing. Because he could give up 10 and not get out of the 2nd inning. Just like every other starter the Cards are trotting out to the mound this series vs the Mets.

One more quick thing. I hate the Mets. I really really hate those Pond Scum Mets. From Jose *The most exciting player to watch take a dump* Reyes jumping around like a kid who needs some Rideline. To Carlos Beltran, a Cardinal killer if there ever was one. To Carlos Delgado, the guy who hates America, but does not hate the paycheck he earns playing a kids game in America. To Oliver Perez who dances and hopes his way off the field at the end of every inning. I could go on, but I won’t. There is not a player on their team I like. They are young, cocky, and worst of all, a good baseball team. They swept the Cards in the first series of the season, and will be looking to do worse this week. The Cards are limping into Queens. The Mets are just coming out of their early season funk. Not a good sign for us Cards fans. If this was two weeks ago, I might feel pretty good about taking 3 of 4 or at the very least splitting the series. But the Mets are getting back to mashing the ball and pitching well. So the Cards will be luck to win 1 game out of this 4 game series. And just looking at the pitching match ups, that might be tonight. Welley, Brad and Anthony could get shelled early and often Tuesday-Thursday. The Cards best bet to win a game could very well be tonight. So they are going to have to lean heavily on the new guy. Welcome to the Cards Mike, no pressure at all dude.

Hope every one had a good weekend. This could be a rough week for our Cards. I’ll be here all week to give you my take. Here’s hoping for the best, while expecting the worse. GO CARDINAL.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone telling every one to make it a great one. And always remember, keep makin it bounce.



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