Memphis Blues

Well they did it to the kid again. Anthony Reyes is once again on a plane bound for Memphis.

The Cardinals are spinning this as a move that had to be made because Welley, Puppy Kicker, and KIPPY, right now are better pitchers than Anthony. I’m calling bull crap. Welley & KIPPY are not better pitchers right now than Anthony. We all know KIPPY’s problems, but what has me mad is the Cards going with Welley over Anthony. Especially since style wise, they are very similar pitchers. Hard throwing right handed pitchers who like to pitch up in the zone. Welley just like Anthony has a ERA on the wrong side of 6. Welley has a record of 2-1 only because he’s rich in run support. While poor Anthony has the lowest run support in the majors. Welley generally gets past the 5th inning, while Anthony struggles to just reach the 5th. Other than style, the Cards, and by that I mean Tony & Dave, like Welley’s attitude better than Anthony’s. Anthony’s a cocky SOB, and they have always hated that about Anthony. I guess Welley has come in and been a yes man to Dave & Tony. And he should be. He was cut by the Royals! He’s damn lucky to have a job in the bigs. Of course he’s going to be more humble and willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the bigs.

But there has to be some other reasons why Anthony goes to Memphis and not KIPPY or Welley. The Cards say they want Anthony to pitch with more authority. So I guess by facing lesser talented hitters, Anthony can become Bob Gibson? SURE. Listen, I get it. Anthony’s been a disappointment. But the only thing that I think separates him from the other rooking pitcher in the Cards rotation, is attitude. Adam has done whatever the Cards have asked him. While Anthony has resisted any pointers and commands the Cards have given him. And I believe that is the real reason Anthony is in Memphis, and Adam, KIPPY & Welley are not. Tony has never liked Anthony’s attitude, and with Anthony having some options left, he’s the odd man out.

If Walt, Tony & Dave are going to be with the Cards next season and beyond, I really hope that they trade Anthony. It’s clear he does not, nor has he ever fit the Cardinals mold they have for a starting pitcher. They are out of options. This was the final year they could ship him down to Memphis any time they felt he needed an attitude adjustment. Well, those days are over. The Cardinals have a decision to make. And it all starts at the top. If Walt, Tony & Dave come back, I firmly believe Anthony will be traded by the end of the month, or next winter. If they are not coming back, Anthony will be in the 2008 Cardinals starting rotation. Come hell or high water.

Now about last nights game. A big standing O for LOOP. The dude preformed above and beyond ATAW’s wildest expectations. LOOP went 6 innings only giving up 3 runs. (Fun fact. that’s what they call a quality start.) Yes he gave up all those runs in his last inning, but before that he held down a very good hitting DBacks squad. And the Cards offense made me very proud by knocking around Webb. I was sure he would give us a repeat performance of the gem he pitched late last season against the Cards. But he didn’t. For the most part the Cards spit on his sinker, and made him bring it up. Yes they didn’t hit a lot of extra base hits. But they smalled balled him to death. Which in their case, was just what the DR ordered. And how about one of ATAW’s favorite whipping boy’s Rolen stepping up and providing the big hit that sealed the win for the Cardinals? With the bases loaded the dude hit a long fly ball off the left field wall that got away from the DBacks outfielder, allowing the bases to clear and Scotty to get to third. It was a much needed extra base hit for our third baseman.

Of course the good times will probably be short lived. The Big Unit is scheduled to pitch tonight. Even if the Cards don’t think he’ll make the start, it’s a game they must win. They can no longer afford to be a Jekyll & Hyde team. They must build on the momentum from the last two games where they scored 11 runs in each game. They must have another quality start from Welley. Welley must reward Tony & Dave for putting all their faith and trust in him. They have already been burned badly this season from one of their hand picked guys. And with a unhappy fan base screaming at them for sending one of their best pitchers back to the minors, Welley better step up and pitch well. If he does not, it will be just another nail in the coffin of the Walt, Tony & Dave regime. Can Welley do it? Will Welley do it? I doubt it. I really do. I don’t see the Cards turning this season around. I think going with Welley over Anthony will come back to bite Walt, Tony & Dave big time. And I assure you, that is something I take no joy in. The Big 3 deserve to go out on their own terms. But that won’t happen because they put their faith and trust in the wrong guy.

Well as always, I’ll be back tomorrow to go over tonight’s game. I really hope they Cards are able to pull out another win. But I just don’t think they will. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always remember, keep makin it bounce.



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