Turning A Positive Into A Negative

I am a pessimist by nature. The glass is always half empty. The grass is always greener elsewhere. The sun never shines. And when it’s not raining, it’s usually snowing. I can’t help it. I wish I could change who I am and become a eternal optimist. But I can’t. I am who I am. I can’t fight who I am. Just like the Cardinals can’t fight who they are. Which is a very flawed, and a very mediocre baseball team.

If you can’t tell, I have some issues with last nights win vs the DBacks. First thing is Tony keeps batting Juan Encarnassada in the clean up spot right behind Pujols. Why Tony does this no body knows, because the wussies that are the St. Louis media continue to bow down to Tony and not call him out about his ridiculous decisions. And why is batting Juan in the clean up spot such a bad decision you ask? Juan did after all get the game tying hit last night. Well before that hit Juan was 7-41 with runners in scoring position. That’s right. 7 hits in 41 at bats with a runner on second or third. That’s a pretty freaking weak stat for the clean up hitter of your defending World Champions. If Edmonds or Rolen are not hitting clean up, Chris Duncan should be. No questions asked. He is by far the Cardinals second best hitter. And since it only make good baseball sense to have your second best hitter hitting behind your best hitter, Chris should hit clean up until he proves he is no longer the Cardinals second best hitter.

Next is I am very upset that no one the DBacks paid the price for Livan’s hot dogging it around the bases after he hit that unexpected two run jack. He took 15 minutes to round the bases. And that is simply inexcusable and unacceptable even in today’s SportsCenter highlight whore athletic community of the 21st century. The next batter up should have got one in the ribs. And he would have known why. In case you didn’t see it, here is what Livan did. The second he hit the ball, he flipped his bat all the way back to the DBacks dugout. He then speed walked his fat ass around the bases. And when he reached first, he turned his body sideways and did a little hop skip. If I was Albert, I would have laid his ass out right then and there. You do not under any circumstances skip your way around the bases. And I don’t buy that Livan has two bad knees so he had to walk around the bases. That’s bull. He’s not Kirk Gibson. Gibby had two bad knees and he still ran. Even if it was the World Series, my point is, he ran around the bases! No, Livan insulted every one associated with Major League Baseball. And what’s worse, no one on the Cardinals seamed to care. And that I feel is one of Tony La Russa’s biggest weaknesses. He refuses to order a batter hit for any reason. His liberal pussyfucitation of the Cardinals is sickening. Almost any other manager of any other MLB team would have demanded the next batter get one in the ribs. But not Tony. No. He can’t do that. It might hurt the guy. And he does not want any one to have bruised ribs for something he didn’t do. But that’s baseball. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it always should be. 

You know as *Old School* as Tony claims he is, the fact that he can’t bring himself to order a hit after one of his own guys is drilled, or after what Livan did last night is a shocking and very disturbing trait for a manager to have. Maybe it is time for Tony to leave the Cardinals. That’s something I never thought I’d ever write on this blog.

One thing I think the Cardinals did right last night was coming back from being down 4-1. Duncan and newbie SS Brendan Ryan hit solo home runs right after Livan did his little walk. And then in the 8th, Albert hit a hard single back up the middle. Then some how Juan smoked a double to the right field gap scoring Albert easily. Scotty followed with a line drive to right that ATAW fave Eric Burns lost in the Busch III lights. The official scorer gave Scotty a RBI double, but any one that saw the play will tell you it was an error. Eric will be first in line to tell you he screwed up. It is a very unfortunate error. But never the less, an error. Juan actually ran threw The Secret Weapon’s stop sign to score. An unusual display of hustle by Juan. But without it, the Cards wouldn’t have gone up 5-4. IZZY came in and closed out the 9th, striking out the side after giving up a ground rule double to start the inning. One more positive is that Puppy Kicker did a fantastic job most of the night. He only gave up two, 2 run home runs. And the first one was on a low and away pitch that the DBacks catcher(of all players)went down and golfed out to left center. True he did pitch himself into and out of trouble. But he got a lot of ground ball outs. Which is the only way he can be a successful pitcher in the major leagues.

So I do give the Cards big props for not giving up, when I thought they had. It’s something they have not shown the ability to do for most of the season. Which is why I can’t believe in this team. Because I don’t believe they actually believe in themselves. The swagger, that air of confidence that we are used to seeing the Cardinals carry themselves with is long, long gone. They have been beat down, spit on and run over by most of the good teams in the big leagues. They are a bad baseball team, and they know it. And what’s worse, the rest of the NL knows it. And even worse, we fans know it. Look, Cy Young Chris Carpenter is not walking into that clubhouse to take back the reward Webb stole from him last season. The 2004 MV3’s are not walking onto the diamond at Busch III to resume their MV3 ways. The 2000-2004 Marky Mark Mulder is not riding in on a white house to help save this injury ravaged, and front office neglected starting rotation. Mark Buehrle is not coming home to help his home town team get to the playoffs. Rick Ankiel is not flying in from Memphis to hit homer after homer into the Mississippi to kick start this struggling offense. No one is coming to save the 2007 season. The Cardinals are a bad team. They are the weakest defending World Champion of ALL TIME. That is a sad, discouraging fact of life. They are a .500 team at best. And like I said last week, the sooner every one comes to grips with that, the sooner the powers that be can start planning for next year. The Big 3 of Walt, Tony & Dave need to make up their minds quickly whether or not they even want to be Cardinals anymore. Once that happens, bricks can start being laid to help rebuild the Cardinals foundation for 2008.

Some one get on the phone and get a construction crew down to Busch III ASAP. The rebuilding of the once mighty St. Louis Cardinals needs to start NOW.

I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in on my thought about Barry Bonds visit to St. Louis this weekend. A quick hint, they are mostly good. Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding you and yours, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you. Make it a great one.

And always remember, keep making it bounce.



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