Bonds. Barry Bonds

I know this entry is not going to be my most popular work. And I know most of those who read this will not agree with it. And while it could hurt ATAW, and make it less popular by causing fewer people to visit in the future. I wouldn’t be Jonny Bone if I held any thing back. So here we go.

The following words and opinions are Jonny Bones, and Jonny Bones only. HUGE has nothing to do with this. In fact, if HUGE was to write about Bonds, he would say what 99% of the nation is saying about Bonds. Which is nothing but bad words about the future all time home run leader. I on the other hand have nothing but good things to say. Well, that’s not completely true. Barry is a jerk to many. Especially if you are a card carrying member of the media. He’s cheated on his wives. He may have even cheated on his taxes. But the one thing that no one can say without a doubt is that Barry cheated on baseball by taking roids. Yes I know all about the *leaked* grand jury testimony where he said he took some stuff like the *clear* that he didn’t know was roids. And yes, I’m not blind. I can see his body changed from the late 90’s to what it is today. But I vividly remember a report done by one Peter Gammons on SportCenter where he said in 1998 how big Bonds was since he had last interview him a few years earlier. And it was all do to his extensive work outs at Stanford University. If Pete thought Bonds was big then, I wonder what he thinks about him now? Anyway, I’m not blind or stupid. I know there is a good possibility Bonds took some roids to get bigger muscles so he could hit home runs like Big Mac and have the world love him and get PAID millions and millions of dollars. But while he did that, it was not, and this is the one point that no one cares to mention, it was not against the rules of Major League Baseball to take roids. Yes, the American government banned most unless prescribed by a doctor. But baseball did not. And that’s why I still pull for Bonds just has hard as I did back when he was with the Pirates and he was a line diving, base stealing, gold glove winning sure fire first ballot hall of famer.

I think that’s what has so many people mad and angry at Bonds. He didn’t need to take roids to make himself a better player. He was already the best player in the game. Yes he was unappreciated, despite winning MVP’s, gold gloves, silver sluggers, yadda yadda yadda. He played for the Pirates, and the Giants. Two clubs that get little attention from the national media. If Bonds is guilty of anything, it’s greed, envy, and jealousy. Because he was, and to this day probably still is unhappy about the way the public looks at him. He hated it that Big Mac was at one time America’s golden boy, and most popular player. All the while Bonds kept doing what he did best, which was wining awards and putting up hall of fame numbers. Yet, few seamed to notice or care. He felt that what he was doing with his career was just as impressive as Big Mac’s home runs. But like the Nike add said, *Chicks Dig The Long Ball.* And so does the average uneducated baseball fan. It’s the slam dunk, and 50 yard touch down pass all rolled into one. It fits neatly into a 90 second highlight on every episode of SportsCenter. And just because Big Mac hit twice as many home runs that Bonds normally hit, Big Mac got all the pub, while Bonds felt like he got no love. True his actions towards reporters didn’t help. But the public never knew he had to watch his dad take regular beatings by some of the same guys who covered him when he was a younger player. So naturally he was a jerk to them all. And they in turn help forge this perception that he is one of the bad guys in baseball.

I also feel he is feeling a lot of the backlash from Big Mac’s disaster on Capitol Hill. The media and the public don’t get to see Big Mac any more. He’s off in retirement in SoCal, probably never to be heard from again. The media and Jon Q Public can’t see him on TV any more and yell at him from the stands or boo him. Because Big Mac is gone forever, they have no villain to direct their anger towards. But Bonds is alive and well. And what’s worse, he’s still hitting home run after home run. And he’s giving every one who hates him the finger as he jogs around the bases after one of his Splash Downs. He can be seen on TV almost every night taking aim at the most sacred record in all of sports. 755. It’s a record held by one of the most respected men to ever wear a baseball uniform. And if any one should break it, it should be a man that can be held in the same regards as Hank Aaron is. Bonds is clearly not that guy. Since Big Mac is gone, and Sammy Sosa left too for a while, all eye’s pointed right to Bonds. And when the government started looking in Balco, and word leaked out, suddenly the media put two and two together, and BAM. Bonds is the villain of the story. After all, he’s a jerk, he’s moody, he’s a bad teammate. He’s a bad husband. He’s cocky and arrogant. He’s flashy and he talks trash. He’s more WWF than MLB. He was an easy target for all the anger that every one was feeling when the media spun it that Big Mac used roids, and he fooled us in 98. I feel like I’m rambling on here, but I’m just trying to make my point that I like Bonds, no matter what. What I just listed are the reason why I think Bonds is hated and booed every where he goes. But here are my reason why I’ve always liked him.

He’s cocky and arrogant, flashy, and he talks trash. And his mouth never wrote checks that his body couldn’t cash. He’s a rebel. He’s anti establishment. He’s every thing I wish I could be as a player. In his prime he had all five tools. When he walked onto a diamond, he knew he was the best player on the field that day. And he did his best to make sure every one watching did as well. He walked to the beat of a different drum. Something I’ve always thought I did as well. I’m not like every one else. I don’t fall into fads easily, take for instance the Iphone and Ipods. I’ll never, EVER own either one simply because every else has one. It’s too trendy to be a lemming and want to be just like every one else. So when kids pretended to be Griffey Jr, or Big Mac while playing in their back yards. I was always Barry Bonds. And I got the same look I bet your giving your screen now all the time. And you know what? I don’t care. Look at me how you will. Bonds is one of the 5 best baseball players of all time. Roids or no roids. Babe Ruth would have killed to have the talent and skill Bonds in his prime had. And that’s the truth.

I also don’t think taking roids was wrong. Now you can argue my ethics must be horrible to believe that. But you would be wrong. Taking roids now is wrong because it’s against the rules of MLB. It didn’t used to be that way. Which is why I can’t say any player who took them was wrong. There’s also this. I would have done anything to play left field for the Cardinals, hit 3rd, 4th or 5th in their order. Hit .300+, drive in 150 RBI’s, and hit 40+ home runs every year. I would have done ANYTHING to be a MLB player. But I didn’t have half the talent it takes to play college ball, let alone make it to the show. So I sympathise with any guy who took them because I know if taking roids would have gotten me over the hump and made me the player I always dreamed of being. I would have done them in a heart beat, and have thought nothing of it. Baseball means that much to me. It’s all I ever wanted, and it’s all I ever dreamed of doing. Well, that and owning the Dallas Cowboys. Those are my two big dreams. But now as a quasi adult, I know I’ll never make it to the show. And the odds are against me that I’ll ever make enough cash to own the Boys. But that still does not change the fact that if I was a player who needed roids to get to the next level, I would have done them.

So as Bonds comes into the LOU this weekend four home runs shy of tying 755, we all know Tony will have his pitchers pitch to him. Tony’s never backed down from Bonds. So there’s a good chance if Barry’s able to, he’ll hit a few this weekend. Go ahead and boo. The nation expects you to. But forgive me while I applaud Bonds. Despite all the bad he’s accused of doing. I can’t help but be happy for the guy. And besides, ARod will break whatever record Bonds sets, so don’t be too angry that one of the *bad guys* holds this record for a few years. ARod will break Bonds record in the next ten years or so. Have no fear, Bonds reign  as the home run king won’t last long.

Enjoy the weekend every one. I’ll be back next week with my take on the Cardinals first half of the season. Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding you and yours that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you. Make it a great one.

And remember, always keep makin it bounce.



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