I have been trying to take the weekends off recently and give HUGE a chance to post if he wants to. But after the last two games, I just can’t keep quiet this weekend.

The Cardinals have lost the last two games because two normally sure handed replacement players have committed back breaking, and game losing errors. SO OLD Gouch said Friday night he *lost* a deep fly ball off the bat of YADDA’s older brother Bengie. Well it sure didn’t look like he *lost* it while the ball was in the air. He went back on it fine, stopped, and then for some reason jumped up, and the ball hit the base of his glove, he juggled it a little, then he and the ball both fell to the ground. And that cost Mike Maroth and the Cardinals a win. It was doubly painful when SO OLD ended the bottom half of the ending by grounding into a double play. And when Slam Dunk hit a two run single in the bottom of the 9th to get the Cards within one run, who do the baseball gods have coming to the plate with a chance to make amends? SO OLD himself. And what does he do with his chance? Weakly fly out to left to end the game. Thanks for nothing SO.

Last night’s game was just has painful. Aaron Miles committed three errors helping the Giants take a 7-3 lead. He was given two on bad throws to first, and his third was because he chose to try and back hand a hard hit ball, and it just skipped past him. But I give Albert 1/2 an error on both throws from Miles. Albert HAS to make those catches. He’s now a Gold Glove 1st baseman. It is not fair that Miles is the only goat for tonight’s loss. If Albert makes those catches, and they both were catchable balls in my opinion, the Giants don’t score as many runs, and the Cards might have come away with a win tonight instead of a loss. So get off of Miles back. It’s not all hit fault.

You got to give the Cards some credit for not giving up both nights. Last night LUD missed tying the game by about 8 inches when he smacked a two run double off the left centerfield wall. Earlier with the bases loaded AK flew out to left for a sacrifice fly. Which for him with the season he is having is like hitting a home run. After LUD hit his double, the baseball gods once again gave the Cardinal who was partially responsible for allowing the Giants to take the lead, to come to the plate with a chance to make amends and right his wrongs. Unfortunately just like Friday night when SO OLD failed twice at going from goat to hero, Miles also came up short(no pun intended)when he grounded out to first. And the Cardinals ended up losing the game 7-6.

So that’s back to back games where the Cardinals had chances to win, and they ended up giving the games away to the Giants. In fact, the Cardinals should have won both games. The only reason they did not was because they had two replacement players playing instead of ECK and Jimmy. One could argue, and I am, that SO OLD and Miles should not have been put in the positions they were in the last two nights, because the Cardinals have two younger and better alternatives sitting on the bench. SKIPPY Schmacher is a FAR SUPERIOR defensive centerfielder than SO OLD. He’s reads balls better, he’s faster. He has a better arm. He also made a great diving catch to rob Klesko of a hit. And he proved last night he’s got some pop in his bat. When Jimmy went on the DL SKIPPY should have started EVERY game. SO OLD is best used as a back up outfielder. Not a regular starter. But because Tony has some misguided loyalty towards SO OLD, he’s had him starting virtually every game since Jimmy got hurt. This HAS to stop. SKIPPY started last night, but we all know Tony won’t have him or any other lefty in there going against Zito this afternoon. It does not matter than SKIPPY had a very good diving catch to rob Klesko of a hit. Or that he hit a home run. Tony plays the splits. Always has, and he always will. So that means Dunk won’t play in left, SO OLD will once again be in center dropping balls. At least AK won’t start. HOPEFULLY Tony will have Ryan back in there at SS. Like he should have last night.

At what point does Walt or the owners say something to Tony about not playing the best guys at their natural positions? Ryan, like like SKIPPY should be starting every day at SS while ECK is getting better. Miles best position is 2nd. THERE IS NO LOGICIAL REASON TO NOT PLAY RYAN EVERY GAME AT SS. Do you hear me Tony? You are a west coast liberal. You are all about logic. So wake the F up and start using some! These last two losses are on YOU just as much as they are on SO OLD, Miles, & Albert. You are the freaking manager. You are the one who makes the line ups for every game. You are the one having the best players riding the bench for no good reason. And when it comes right down to it, when the manager puts the wrong guys in the field, and those guys screw up like SO & Miles did. IT’S THE MANAGER’S FAULT!!!!

One final thing for the weekend, Albert and Rolen are now the most expensive singles hitters, of all time! The last time Rolen hit a extra base hit was the bases clearing triple he had this past week. He has just three extra base hits since June 19th. Albert has not hit a home run in 21 games. The longest streak of his career. Here’s what I think. Scotty swears he’s not hurt, and it’s only a mechanical flaw that’s sapped his power. Well if that’s the case then, why does he refuse to change his mechanics? He was asked about that, and here’s his answer, quote “I don’t know that answer,” he said. “That’s what I’m going out there with every day. I’m not going to make an excuse. I’m healthy enough to go play. I’m out there and I’m playing. … I’m not putting strong enough swings on the ball.” If that does not sound like a guy who’s still hurt and hiding it, I don’t know what one sounds like. Scotty needs to come clean, and come clean NOW with whatever is bothering his left shoulder. Albert’s condition I think is health related, as well as he’s simply trying to do to much again. He does not look like his legs and oblique are at full strength. He’s swinging late at everything. He’s getting fooled on everything. He’s expanding his strike zone once again. It almost looks like he can’t see the ball till it’s too late. It’s like he’s deciding to swing at a pitch before the pitcher throws it, and once he sees it’s a bad pitch, it’s already to late. He’s committed to swinging, and he’s getting himself out. What he needs to do is skip the stupid All Star game, get his eye’s looked at. Have some treatment done on his legs & oblique. And rest up for the second half.

The Cardinals CAN NOT afford to keep paying Albert&Scotty to be singles hitters. They are the two highest paid position players on the Cardinals roster because they as supposed to MASH the ball. And that’s something neither one is doing with any consistency this season. What really pisses me off is Tony’s take on this. He gets mad when asked about why both have lost their power. He is perfectly fine with having them hit worthless singles. His belief is leave them alone, if they are hitting for average, they will hit for power. Well I’m calling bullshit. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a manager say. When your two main power hitters are no longer hitting for power, THAT’S A BIG EFFING PROBLEM TONY!!!! Gawd! What the hell is up with Tony this year? How can he not see it’s a HUGE PROBLEM that Albert&Scotty can’t hit for power any more? They are there to hit for power and drive in runs. Something neither one is doing. That’s a big, BIG EFFING problem. If the Cardinals expect to go to the playoffs again, they will not get there with Albert&Scotty hitting worthless single after worthless single. And if Tony can’t see that, then the Cardinals need some one running this team who can.

Zito pitches for the Giants later today, and against any other team, I’d like his chances of getting lit up like he has been so many times this year. But this is the Cardinals. A team who can’t beat a soft tossing lefty even if he’s tossing it underhanded. Zito may not no hit them, but I predict he will have his best start of the season later today. With Tony keeping Dunk on the bench, SO OLD in center losing ball, it’s going to get ugly. It’s definitely not going to be a game worth watching. But there’s nothing better on TV, so we all know we will be watching, cursing under our breath and kicking puppies at the TV. Well, maybe I’ll be the only one doing that.

Well that’s all the knowledge I have in me for this morning. Enjoy the rest of the weekend if you can. I’ll be back early next week with my take on the first half of the season, and what lies ahead for our beloved Cardinals in the second half. Make it a great one. Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always make it bounce.



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