Monday, Bloody Monday

You have no idea just how bad of a Monday my family & my poor dad just had. Unreal. I know I promised a full report about this past weekends games, but I’ve been up since 12pm Sunday, and it’s now 7am Tuesday. I can barely put together a coherent thought, let alone a full report about a weekend series the Cardinals had vs the Fighting Phillies. There really isn’t that much to talk about. KIPPY proved once again he’s the worst starting pitcher in the bigs. Mike Maroth continues to show why the Tigers were so willing to give him away for next to nothing. Bright side is the Home Run Derby woke up Albert’s bat. And apparently AK watched and took some notes. Who knew? Anyway, after I get some sleep I promise to try and come up with something original to talk about. Till then, I’m just grateful Bloody Monday is over. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Unfreaking real. I’m off to get some sleep. Make it a great one.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always make it bounce.



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