Send In The Clowns


It’s official. The 2007 St. Louis Cardinals will not make the playoffs.

Chris Carpenter is having Tommy John surgery on his right elbow.

It’s over. It’s all over. All our hopes and dreams of making another magical run towards our title defense are dead. The final nail is in the coffin, and the coffin is in the ground and they are throwing the dirt on top of it. The fat lady is singing, the clowns are about to make their entrance. It’s all over.

So what if the Cards just took two of three from the kids in South Beach? Did you see what happened to them in the ATL last night? Once again a good team completely dismantled the Cardinals. Maroth was shelled for ten, count them TEN runs! As is the case this season, the Cardinals can hold their own when they play bad teams, like the kids in South Beach. But when they play a good team like the Braves, they get their asses handed to them. It’s beyond embarrassing. No defending World Champion should look this bad. Yet our beloved Cardinals do.

With all that’s gone wrong so far this season, starting with Tony’s DUI, and how he’s lost his mind fighting with players and the media. Josh Hancock dying. All the injures and horrid slumps the team has had to go through. Carp being gone for the year, and probably most of, if not all of next year, the only thing left to happen to the Cards that hasn’t happened yet is, GOD FORBID Pujols blowing out a knee or a hammy. And as bad as things have been this season, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he did get hurt.

Well things are looking bleak for the Cardinals with not much hope for the future. That’s partly why I’ve been gone all week. I’m really bummed out about what’s happening to the Cardinals. And I was dealing with my dad having his treach changed, which was hell. And I really don’t have too many original thoughts to add to what’s already being said about the Cards right now. It’s all bad. And this weekend is not going to be a fun one either. The Braves are good, and we’ll see just how good they are. I don’t see the Cards winning one game this weekend. Especially if they play like they did last night. UGH. I’m afraid as ugly as it’s been, it’s going to get even uglier this weekend. The Braves will tear the Cardinals apart.

On that happy note, I’ll end my posting for the week. All this gloom & doom is really getting to me. We really could have used some good news regarding Carp. Every one here at ATAW wishes him a full and speedy recovery. After all he’s been through as a pitcher, it’s a shame he has to have Tommy John. It’s not right. And it’s not fair. But as dad used to always tell me, life is never fair. We Cardinal fans know that all too well right now. Try and have a good weekend. I’ll be back next week with as much original perspective on the Cardinals that I can muster up. Make it a great one.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always keep makin it bounce.



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