When Your Best Isn’t Nearly Good Enough

The Cardinals let one slip through their fingers last night. With chance after chance to get a much needed win last night, the Cardinals fell flat on their face.

Last night reminded me of April. When the Cards got very good pitching, but couldn’t score a run to save their lives. I don’t know who the Cards have wearing KIPPY’s jersey the last two times he’s been scheduled to pitched, but that guys a pretty good pitcher. Although for most of the game you could just tell he was about to lose it. With every pitch KIPPY was walking a very fine line between greatness & disaster. For the most part he did a pretty good job of keeping the flubs hitters off balance. There were  probably less than five hard hit balls against him all night long. And in fact like Tony said after the game, KIPPY did deserve a win. But there were a few factors out of his control that contributed to his 14th loss.

First was his manager Tony La Russa. HUGE is going to love reading this, because he’s always been a Tony hater, and I’ve always been a big fan of Tony’s. Honestly until 2004 when Dish Network acquired the rights to the MLB Extra Inning’s package, I was never been able to follow the Cardinals on a game by game basis. And up until this year, when most of his moves have blown up in his face, I’ve been a big time defender of Tony’s. But not this time. Tony blew the game by sending KIPPY out to start the 7th inning. It was clear he was done, after barley escaping the 6th inning by only giving up one run. KIPPY was gassed and every one knew it. But Tony sent him out there hoping against hope that he could make it out of the 7th without giving up any runs. A fools errand indeed considering KIPPY’s record this season. So instead of having one of his reliable set up guys come in and shut the door in from the 7th inning on, Tony sticks with his starting pitcher who was teetering on the edge of disaster. He knew it was a crap shoot, and the odds of KIPPY getting out of the 7th without giving up a run were a zillion to one. But Tony stuck with KIPPY and that moved help cost the Cardinals a win.

Second was one Scotty Ro. Who’s defense has taken a sharp turn in the wrong direction the past few years. Yes he’s still more than capable of pulling off an amazing play. But for the most part, he’s almost become a liability. He can no longer go to his left or right very well on hard hit balls. He is unable to bend over and field a ball. In fact, most of the time Scott looks like he can’t bend over to tie his shoes, let alone snag a grounder. But none of that contributed to Scotty’s error last night. No plane stupid lack of concentration led to Scotty booting a slow grounder hit right at him. Seriously, with two outs in the 7th, KIPPY somehow got the flubs second baseman to hit a ground ball to Scotty. And what does Scotty do? Let the ball roll up his body and bond away to his left, allowing the go-ahead run to reach base. That is a play your basic little league third baseman makes in his sleep. And one a 7 time Gold Glover MUST make. Sadly is was the second time in a year Scotty blew a slow hit grounder right at him. Last year in Wrigley he let a ball go right threw his legs, allowing the inning to continue, and the flubs eventually blew the game wide open shortly after Scotty’e error that day. Sadly, the same thing happened again last night. Do to Tony’s stupidity KIPPY was pitching on borrowed time. And do to Scotty’s ineptitude, his time just ran out.

The third reason KIPPY lost last night was the baseball gods simply hate the Cardinals when they play the flubs. Like I mentioned earlier, there were not too many hard hit balls off the flubs bats all game long. Every single big hit they got to put pressure on KIPPY was of the *bloop hit* variety. I’ve never seen any thing like it. Every single big hit was off a broken bat, blooped into the outfield right in between the infielders & outfielders. And it always happens when the flubs play the Cards. The Cardinals can get extra base hit after extra base hit. And still come away with a loss. But the flubs get a handful of seeing eye singles, and broken bat bloops, and they come away with a win. It’s freaking pathetic. And I for one am sick of it. Normally the flubs players are worthy enough to clean the jocks of the Cards, let alone beat them in a head-to-head game. And last night was no exception. Effing bloop hits.


The fourth reason the Cards lost last night was the piss poor umpiring. Larry Poncino should be fined and suspended for his strike zone last night. He had no idea what he was doing. More than once both dugouts yelled their displeasure at him. It was all over the place. One pitch inside would be called a strike, and the very next pitch in the same spot would be called a ball. That happened all night long. And when Dave Duncan went out to calm KIPPY down after a batter reached base due to Poncino’s pathetic excuse of a strike zone, Poncino met him at the mound, and he and Dave had a very heated exchange. After about a minute Poncino walked back to the plate and let Dave talk to KIPPY & YADDA. The third base ump Gary Darling also called time out for some unknown reason when a flub batter struck out. Tony came out and argued the call, but it didn’t do any good. Poncino said time was called, even though no one knew why Darling called time, so the strike out never happened. And that resulted in KIPPY having to throw a few more pitches in order to get the batter out, again. I haven’t seen such a poorly called game in a while. The Cardinals always seem to get the worst umps series after series. It’s almost like MLB WANTS the Cardinals to lose every game. And after the way they’ve been treated after their World Series win, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if good ole Bud was out to get the Cards.

The fifth reason the Cards lost last night was do to the fact that once again, the offense took the night off when they finally get a pretty good pitching performance. SKIPPY finally broke through against Big Z in the 5th when he hit a triple to left that scored two runs to tie the game. The Cards didn’t score again till the 9th. That’s when Albert Pujols walked to the plate with two on, and two outs. And what does the mighty Albert do? Well since you are reading this, you already know he grounded out weakly to end the game. It was the second time in the game that Albert came up with two on and two out. And it was the second time he weakly grounded out. Now Albert’s not the only offensive goat from last night, but he sure is the one that sticks out the most. Along with Albert’s 0-5, Jimmy was 0-3, DUNK and Scotty were only 1-3 & 1-4. And it wasn’t just the *Core* guys swinging flaccid bats last night, not one Cardinal had a more than one hit last night. But the *Core* is paid to mash, and once again, they didn’t mash.

Well that is why KIPPY and the Cards lost last night. A few other things went wrong last night, but I’m too tired to go into them, and they weren’t nearly as important the the five I listed above. I’m really pissed off at the Cardinals. I don’t know why, I knew they were going to lose. I just hated it that they teased me all game long. You know for a second there, I almost, almost thought they’d pull out a win. Stupid I know, but what can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. But man, Big Z was totally hittable, and they did almost nothing against him. They really, REALLY should have won. But in typical 2007 Cardinal fashion, they gave the game away. Look for tonight’s game to be equally frustrating with lefty Ted LillyPad pitching for the flubs. AWesome could go out and pitch a perfect game, and the Cardinals would still find a way to lose. Baseball is indeed the cruelest of games.

Well that’s all the knowledge I’m dropping on you for now. If I don’t throw my laptop threw the TV tonight, I’ll do my best to get a recap out of the game for tomorrow morning. But if no recap, assume the worst for my Dell. It won’t be that big of a loss though, it’s only a Dell. I should have gotten a Mac. Try and make it a great Wednesday.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.  

Always make it bounce.



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