Don’t Believe The Hype

Suddenly everything is coming up roses for the St. Louis Cardinals. Or is it?

As they went into last week, the Cards knew they had to win both series in order for them to have a chance to once again win the Central division. But that didn’t happen. They got dump trucked by the flubs by losing 2 of 3. But then they inexplicably took 3 of 4 from the Brew Crew. In heart breaking fashion I might add. But that does not change the fact that the Cardinals are still a very, VERY bad baseball team. So I don’t want any one out there getting their hopes up that maybe, just maybe now the Cards have a chance to get to the playoffs just because they almost swept the Brew Crew, and now are only 6 games back in the Central. Because it changes nothing.

Why you ask does it change nothing? Well as much as I hate to admit it, the flubs ain’t going any where. From now on, it’s their division to lose. And unless the baseball gods that have been so vengeful towards our beloved Birds all season long, suddenly remember that the flubs are supposed to be losers, they ain’t going away. And if any of the last three games the Cards just had vs the flubs are any indication, the baseball gods truly are out to get the Cardinals. The Cards have no chance. It’s that simple.

OK, so that’s not enough to convince you yet? Well how about that the Cards still are among the worst teams in the majors when it comes to starting pitching? UH? That’s a hard fact to over look. That’s the reason why the Cards won it all last year. Not clutch hitting by Albert, Scotty or Jimmy. It’s was our stellar starting pitching. Something they clearly don’t have this year. And they got more bad news over the weekend. One bright spot from this season of discontent has been WELLEY. And now he’s hurt, and he’s probably going to have to have Tommy John just like Carp just did. You can’t lose two of your starting pitchers to Tommy John and still make the playoffs. At least not with a budget like the one Walt has to operate under. If he worked for the Yanks or Red Sox, or Dodgers, losing two pitchers is a lot easier when you got more money that sense, and a farm system full of young talent just waiting to make it to the show. So no folks, Chris Carpenter isn’t walking threw the clubhouse doors to save the Cards. Ditto for Marky Mark. And don’t be fooled like Tony and every one else is by Anthony’s very good start Saturday night vs the Brew Crew. He is still the screwed up head case that left the STL 0-10. It’s just he had a good game. And that’s all it was. One good game. Listen there are few bigger fans of Anthony’s than Jonny Bone, but momma didn’t raise no fool. I’ve already been burned by him once this season, and I won’t let it happen again. No I’ll have to see at least 5 more games just like that one till I believe Anthony has figured every thing out. And until that happens, please don’t think that he’s our knight in shinning armor riding in to save our season. Because he’s not. No matter how much we desperately want him to be.  

Still not convinced? Well then you just are not paying attention. I don’t care how much cortisone the Cards medical staff has, it does not change the fact that Scotty’s swinging with one wing. Jimmy’s running as good as can be expected, but he’s not hitting yet. And who knows if he will ever hit again. He’s not getting any younger. AK is still an offensive black hole. Ditto for ECK & Mr. Clutch. And as much as I love the cannon YADDA was blessed with for an arm. I’d kill for a catcher that could actually get a hit every once in a while.

The only bright spot that could actually help the Cards is their bullpen. It’s been nails all season long. And now that they are out of the race, they should trade them all. I know I said last week that the Cards should never trade IZZY, but after seeing what marginal middle relief pitching is bringing, can you imagine what a lights out closer could bring? I mean I love IZZY, but if he can get us 3 or more can’t miss prospects, Walt would be a fool if he didn’t trade him. I can understand if Russ doesn’t want to leave because his son is in a special school. But he did jerk him out of that same school after the 2003 season and moved his whole family to H-Town. So call me a heartless bastard if you will, but I’d trade him too. Frank? See ya. Percy? We hardly knew ye. FLO? You gotta go. TJ? Well, you are pretty cool. You can stay. Don’t forget if I were Walt I’d also dump AK, ECK, Mr. Clutch, and just about any body else not named Albert, Wagonmaker, DUNK, or Carp. Heck if he can find a home for Marky Mark, why not? This market is crazy with a capitol C. I’m sure if Walt let it be known the goods are for sale, he’d get more offers than he would know what to do with. And he should be in a selling mode. After all, this just isn’t the Cards year.

So before this 3 game series starts in Pittsburgh I just wanted to remind every one just how bad the Cards have been all season long. And to urge all of you to please not drink any of the Red Kool-Aid that they are pouring at Busch III. Now matter what they say, or how they say it. The Cardinals record is still 49-53. And they are still 6 games back of the Brew Crew, and 5 back of the flubs. So no matter what happened over the weekend, nothing changed the fact that the Cards are still a really, REALLY bad ball club. And I just don’t want any one to get there hopes up that they turned a corner and happy days are here again. Because they are not. It’s not happening folks. Not this year.

But as usual I’m a glutton for punishment. So I’ll watch every inning I can that my beloved Cards play. Knowing full well my team will probably get their teeth kicked in. But heck, they are MY team. And I’ll have their backs no matter what. In good times and in bad. I’ll wear my Cardinals gear with pride. Even if last October never happened, they are still the greatest team the National League has ever known. And there is nothing any one can do or say to ever change that.

Well I wish the Cards the best, but I’m planning for the worst. If they’ve done anything this season it’s keep us fans guessing. They truly are bi-polar. But they are our bi-polar birds now aren’t they? So I’ll be back shortly with my take on the Pirate series, and if later today hell freezes over and the Cards make a big time trade, you bet your life I’ll be here to give you my thoughts. Just don’t hold your breath. Walt’s gone on record saying there will be no trades. Typical Walt. Always one to never let you know what he’s really thinking. I sure hope we don’t miss him too much when he leaves us. Make it a great one folks.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding you and yours, that the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always remember, keep makin it bounce.



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