Now What?

From now on, call me Nostradamus. Because obviously I can see the future. Unfortunately for the Cards, at least for the remainder of this season, the future looks bleak.

If you’ve read last Friday’s entry you know what I’m talking about when I say I’m physic. I correctly predicted the Cards sweep at the hands of the Nats. Although if you’ve watched less than a dozen Cards game this season, predicting a sweep by a team like the Nats probably isn’t something to brag about. Any one could have seen that sweep coming. Well any one but those employed by the Cards and FSN Midwest. Despite what those two entities believe, the Cardinals are a very, VERY bad team right now. They have gaping holes in their batting order, with some of those same players sucking hard core when they play defense. And that list hasn’t changed. It’s still the same old & busted cast of characters. ECK, AK, Scotty, Jimmy, Mr. Clutch, Miles, SO OLD & Wild Turkey.

I don’t know what’s wrong with ECK, but the way he’s playing D this season he’s not going to get one contract offer when he hit free agency this winter. His range has all but disappeared. He’s skipping more balls to first, so his arm strength that looked like last year was getting better, now looks like it’s gotten far, far worse. And despite his high batting average, he’s not getting on when he’s supposed to be. I.E. early & often. Sure he’s getting on, but it’s usually when the Cards are already out of the game.

And here’s some more good news via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Scotty Ro asked out of the game Sunday, and is considering yet ANOTHER shoulder operation to clean out *scare tissue* that is preventing him from driving the ball. So suddenly in a span of four short months, we’ve gone from Scotty being 100% healthy, yet having no extra base power, to being *tired, and a little sore*, to needing a shot, to now needing ANOTHER operation on his shoulder. Once again the Cards medical staff proves why they are the WORST EVER in the history of MLB. That or Scotty is a liar. Either way, it’s bad news. And any hope we fans had of the Cards dumping his salary in the winter just got flushed down the toilet. The dude is still owed $36 million dollars I believe. WOW. Just wow.

But if the Cards want to trade Jimmy, he’s up for it. That’s good to hear. But it won’t happen. I honestly don’t think any team out there would be willing to part with a player that could help the Cards in return for one season of Jimmy. As great as he once was, he’s not half the player he was three short seasons ago. So i think he stays, but like he told the PD today, I think he moves to either left or right field.

I know this isn’t any thing new, but it helps me prove a point. The series win last weekend over the Brew Crew was the worst possible thing that could have happened for the Cardinals. They went from a team willing to trade almost every one, to a team looking to add pitching. And they almost got Matty Mo back from the Giants, till the Pirates swooped in and took on all of his salary. And that is why they added Joel Pineiro. Who proved Saturday night that he fits right in with the 07 Cards rotation (he’s yet another converted reliever forced into the starting rotation) by pitching pretty well for the first few innings, then totally losing it and crapping his bed. So now, instead of ridding themselves of under performing players and getting a refreshing shot in the arm, they are still stuck with the same old & busted players clogging up the works, and costing the Cardinals win after win after win after win after win.

So now what? Well sadly there’s not much the Cards can do. The old & busted group is stuck getting the majority of the playing time till next month when the Cards can call up the kids, and see what they’ve got. Sure Walt can still make some trades, and I’m sure if the Cards put any of the old & busted group through wavers, and they are claimed, the Cards will let the team that claims them have them. But that’s probably not going to happen. What is going to happen is yet another month of really bad baseball. And it’s just sicking to watch. I almost can’t watch. And I sure as hell don’t want to blog about a team that plays like the Cards have been playing all season long. It’s no fun for any one to read, and it’s not fun to write. But that’s what’s going to happen so get used to it.

Starting tonight the misery continues. Boomer starts for the Padre’s so that means once again the Cards D line up will be in full effect. No DUNK, Jimmy or AK(ATAW has no problem benching AK, it’s Jimmy & DUNK’s benching we hate). And SO OLD starts in center with Mr. Clutch hitting clean up, and ECK & Miles providing the shortest middle infield in the history of baseball. LOOP starts for the good guys tonight, so look for 4-6 good innings our of him before he gets gassed and loses the game because Tony won’t pull him. And it will be for the same tired reason Tony hasn’t pulled a starter all season long, he’s trying to save the bullpen for Tuesday’s game, because winning Tuesday’s game is far more important than winning tonight. Actually I’ll be shocked if LOOP can go 3 innings tonight. He’s looked awful since coming off the DL. Actually other than Anthony’s one start last weekend, and AWesome’s every other start the entire starting 5 has looked awful all season long. So don’t be surprised if the pattern once again repeats itself tonight. And with the Cards facing the Padre’s 4 best starters, they very well could be looking at back to back series sweeps. 

Oh yes folks, the season rolls on. More bad games till the kids show up, and even then it’s not a given Tony will bench the old & busted and play the kids. He’s not the type to ever quit, so believe it or not, next month could turn out to be even more frustrating than the last 4, COMBINED. But as usual old Jonny Bone will be here to tell you all about it. Should be barrel’s and barrel’s of fun. Make it a great week.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, that the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.

Keep making it bounce.



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