WOW. Just wow. 756.

That is simply amazing. It’s history folks. Like it or not, Barry Bonds is now the all time home run king.

This is probably going to be my least popular entry, second only to the other entry I did this year about Bonds. So I’ll try to make this one short. After all, would you rather me discuss the fact that once again Anthony Reyes got hosed by his teammates? In 1000 degree heat no less? I didn’t think so.

I don’t think the baseball world quite understands what happened in the Bay Area last night. 756 folks. SEVEN FIFTY FREAKIN SIX. Unbelievable. That’s just incredible. 756! Can you believe we were alive and got to watch it on live TV? This is HISTORY people. 

H I S T O R Y.

7 5 6

Barry Bonds has taken over the all time record for career home runs. The ALL TIME HOME RUN RECORD. It’s his, and his alone. No one player in all the storied history of Major League Baseball has hit more home runs than Barry Bonds. NO ONE. N O O N E. He is NUMBER ONE. The King. The Big Kahuna. No one can stand next to him and say he has as many. He stands alone at the top of the highest pinnacle in all of sports. He’s the greatest home run hitter of all time. Think about that for a minute. Willie Mays. Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron. Mark McGwire. Mickey Mantle. Ted Williams. Stan Musial. Joe Dimaggio. His name is now above them all. Think about that.

7 5 6

Again, unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. I hope one day the world can appreciate what happened last night for the truly great moment in not only baseball history, but in all of sports history. I hope every one will one day throw their personal feelings aside and see what I see now. As probably the single best moment I’ve ever witnessed on a baseball diamond. Of course not counting anything the Cardinals have done.

Well I know every one hates Bonds so I expect not too many readers today, and of course if HUGE hadn’t started a new job on Monday I’m sure he’d pop in and say he does not share my take on all things Bonds. And that’s cool. But I just wanted to say something positive today, because lets face it, the Cards haven’t given me anything positive to talk about in a long time.

So to Barry Lamar Bonds,  Jonny Bones says CONGRATULATIONS. You are the KING.

Try and make it a cool one folks.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, yes, even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Keep making it bounce.



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  1. Sorry dude

    756 = Asterisk

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