Behold The Power Of The Bobblehead

It was Yadier Molina Bobblehead Doll night last night at Busch Stadium. And YADDA used the power & the magic of his bobblehead to help give the Cards only their 5th win this month.

YADDA did his best last night to help carry the offense after injuries have put a colossal hole in the Cards every day line up. Before leaving Tuesday’s game with the flu, he was the only regular starter on the field for the Cardinals. And in last night’s game YADDA & ECK were the only regular starters. Albert, Jimmy, Scotty, DUNK, Juan, & AK are all done for the year. Albert & Jimmy were the last to fall this week with a calf injury for Albert, and more leg trouble for Jimmy. ECK missed some recent games due to back problems. I hate to be corny here, but the Cards really aren’t playing with a full deck.

But back to last nights game. YADDA used the power & magic of his bobblehead to go 3-5 last night. And get the walk off game winning RBI in the bottom of the 10th inning. With Miggie Cairo on 2nd YADDA sent a ground ball between J Roll & Nunez and into left field where Jason Werth bobbled & kicked the ball. Allowing Cairo to score easily & secure a (and I am hesitant to use this phrase but I’m going to any way) much need win for our beloved Cardinals. Proving once again, that if a team has a bobblehead night for one of it’s players, that player will probably do something good to win the game for his team. Makes one wonder why teams don’t have a bobblehead night at least once a week.

And now on to more depressing matters. The Cardinals are not going to make the playoffs. After a valiant come back during the month of August after piss poor pitching & injuries left them dead and buried in July. Once again the Cardinals starting pitching let them down, & more injuries sucked out what little life the Cards had left. It’s really not fair. But like dad always told me, life is never fair. The Cardinals didn’t have a fighting chance against the Brew Crew & the flubs. While both teams are healthy & playing with all their stars. The Cardinals are left with only YADDA & ECK able to play out the final month of the season. This has never happened to a defending world champion. No world champion has had to go through the hell that the Cardinals have this season as they attempted to defend their title. Starting with the final week of spring training when Tony *fell asleep* at a red light, then losing Carp for most of two seasons after he only makes one start opening night, to Josh Hancock, to Speezer checking into rehab, to Juan having a freak career & life threatening injury as Mini Me Miles hit a foul ball right into his left eye. And now the final nail in the coffin, losing Albert for the last two weeks of the season with a calf injury. Yes I left out about 15 other bad things that happened to the Cards. But I just don’t have it in me right now to relive them.

And that’s why I’ve been MIA from this blog all month. It’s just been so damn depressing for me to watch the Cards lose player after player to injury. And watch the rag tag group of starters not be able to get out of the 3rd inning. After each game I’d come on here and try to put down my thoughts, but I just couldn’t get any thing out. Even after the HGH *scandal* hit our boy Rick & the Cards like a run away dump truck, I just couldn’t get an entry out. I do have a good majority of a entry done about Rick, but I could not finish it. Maybe I’ll get it done in the off season, but for now it will just have to sit here and go unfinished and unpublished. I also thought it was time to bring the girls back, so you’ll notice the lovely ladies wearing Cardinal gear are back at the top of each page. Rick had a good run, but ATAW isn’t just about one player. It’s about all things Cardinals. So for now, at least until I find another Cardinal related pic that I like, the girls are here to stay.

So I guess that’s it for now. Sunday nights game is probably going to be the last game I’ll watch. You see dad’s prime time TV shows all return starting Monday night, and since the Cards are out of the race, we’ll probably skip the final week. I will do my best to watch the final game of the year Sunday afternoon, but I can’t promise any thing. I’m telling you all this because this right here is probably my very last blog entry of the 2007 regular season. Sad I know, but it’s been a long, long year & after all that’s happened, I’m burnt out. And I’m just a fan. I can’t imagine what the players & coaches feel like. I’m simply  burned out. For the first time in a long time I’m actually looking forward to the off season. I have very little interest in the playoffs. That will probably change once October gets here, but right now as I write this, I’m pretty tired of baseball & all sports in general. I need a break.

I want to thank each and every one of you that have come to this site all season long and read my work. I know most of it seams like the ramblings of an insane person, or a 10 year old boy. But the fact that you kept coming back means a lot to me. I know there isn’t a lot of people that come here, but I appreciate each and every one of you that have stopped by and taken a look. HUGE hasn’t been here as much as he’d like to, but I know he thanks you all as well. I wish I had better news all season long, but it can’t be all lolly pops & rainbows now can it? It’s been a heck of a year, and I hope to be able to continue the journey  with all of you during the winter and all of next season. But for now, I need a break. Don’t worry, if you are dying to hear what I have to say about the Cardinals I’ll still be a regular on VEB, but I need a break from this daily, weekly blog. I’ll be back some time soon with a year in review. It won’t be nearly as fun as last years, but it needs to be done. Thank you again for sticking with me all season long. Despite all the crap, it’s been a blast. Make it a great one every body.

So till next time, this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, yes even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.

Always keep making it bounce.



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