Same Old Song & Dance

Hi every body! Once Bill Dewitt fired Walt Jocketty nap time was officially over. So here are some random thoughts about the Cardinals & other things while I watch Game 4 of the NLCS.

Even though the Cardinals will have a new GM calling the shots in a few days, it sure looks & sounds like more of the same old song & dance coming out of Busch III. They resigned Russ Springer for (gulp) $3.5 Million dollars. Then on Monday they did the unthinkable & gave Joel Pineiro (double gulp!) a two year $13 Million dollar deal. Why is that unthinkable? Because Joel is only worth the league minimum. There’s no way in hell the dudes worth $13 F’ING million. This signing reeks of desperation to me. The Cards feel they let Dream Weaver get away after last year. They feel he could have really been successful under the tutelage of Dr. Dave Duncan. Well now they feel the same about Joel. So they figure what the heck? Why not overpay for the guy & pray Dr. Dave can work some of his magic mojo on him & turn him into Chris Carpenter version 2.0? 

Well if they wanted Dream Weaver so badly, why don’t they go get him? He is a free agent. No other teams will be calling him any time soon. Why waste $13 million of Billy Boy’s hard earned cash on a below average pitcher when they already know what they can get out of Dream Weaver?

And remember where you heard it first. The Cardinals will go after Dream Weaver. Whether we want him back or not.

The Cardinals are in a confused state of mind right now. They say they want to rebuild & bring up some kids & let them play. But they make moves like resigning Russ & Joel. Toss in the fact that Tony & Dave are coming back, (did you ever really think they’d go to Seattle?) these poor kids will never see the green, green grass of Busch III. Can you WIN NOW & rebuild at the same time? I don’t think so. But it sure looks like Dewitt & Co are going to try.

I don’t know if I buy what Dewitt & Co are selling. They say they will go out & get a big bat & a top of the line starter, but what do they always end up doing? Buying some marginal vets & pray to the good Lord that Tony & Dave can turn them into winners. So far this off season it sure looks & sounds like same old song & dance.

I thought Dewitt fired Walt Jocketty because the Cards were no longer in the biz of doing the same old song & dance?

Considering Tony’s imminent return look for John Mozeliak to be named General Manager. Reason is he takes orders well from Dewitt & Tony. And he works very well with Jeff Lunhow. Which was Walt’s ultimate undoing. Listen folks no self respecting candidate for the Cards GM position will want to come in & be told he has no control over the minor leagues or the draft. Also it’s Tony job, not his to pick the players who play for the Big Birds. So if he has no control over the draft, the minor leagues, & the pro club, what exactly would his job be?

Scott Van Pelt & Neil Everett should do every SportsCenter.

More well wishes go out to Juan. Dude probably won’t get all of his eye sight back in his left eye. His playing career is also probably over as well. Which sucks. I was not his biggest fan, but he should not have had his baseball career ended like that.

Congratulations to the Colorado Rockies. They just swept the Zona Diamondbacks right out of the NLCS. They have now won 21 of their last 22 games. Now that’s impressive. I guess they really are GOD’s team.

I for one welcome our new Rockie overlords.

The Dallas Cowboys defense just got ran over by the dump truck that is the cheatin chowder heads. It’s a crying shame that the NFL gets a free pass on cheaters & PEDs. The best team in their league is also the biggest cheaters the league has ever seen.

Well that’s all the knowledge I’m going to drop on you for now. Look for a season in review from either HUGE or I soon. You can bet if the Cards name a new GM & sign or trade for some pitching & or some bats I’ll be back to tell you how to think & feel.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, yes even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.

Always keep making it bounce.



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