If you’ve been a regular visitor to ATAW  you’ll know that for the past five years I’ve help care for my father who was stricken with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. Well, late Sunday night he decided it was time to stop fighting. So he went home to Heaven to be with GOD & his parents. Don’t morn or weep for him, believe me he’s much happier up there than he ever was down here. If any thing, morn for my mother, my older sister & my younger brother who are taking this very, very hard. We all knew this would eventually happen, but we all thought he had more time. But that’s OK, well just have to cherish the time we had.

And there were good times. He’s the reason I love baseball as much as I do. Without my dad, I would not love the Cardinals as much as I do, nor would ATAW even exist. So I just wanted to take this time to thank him for every thing. Thank you for instilling into me all the good qualities I have. Thanks for being a great provider. Thanks for having me in church every Sunday so that I now have the knowledge that one day, we’ll play catch again in Heaven. Thank you for showing me what a great game baseball is, and helping start my love for the Cardinals. And thanks for every thing I don’t have the time to go into now, because if I did, I’d be at this for months. Without all that you’ve done, I wouldn’t be half the man I am today.

Go on home dad. Have yourself a Venti Mocho Frap by the pool with Grandma, and count the cows with Grandpa. Save me a seat at the dinner table, I’ll see yeah when I get there.


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