Merry Christmas To All

From all of us at ATAW to all of you out there where ever you are, we wish every one a very safe & Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

It’s been a long, hard year for every one in Cardinal Nation. Easily the worst year we’ve ever had. We’ve lost family members like Josh Hancock & my dad. We’ve lost favorite players to injuries, free agency & trades. Not to mention all the games the Cards lost during the season & finishing under .500 for the first time in years.

Yet we still have so much to be thankful for. For one, ATAW added Nate Dogg to the fold. Yes we Cardinal fans are a blessed bunch, and that’s what I hope every one thinks about today & in the coming weeks. It’s true 2007 sucked hard core on so many levels. But it’s almost over, so try & look on the bright side. 2008 won’t even be half as bad as 07 was to us. It can’t be right? Lord I hope not.

So unless MO pulls off the trade of the century this is the final entry for 2007. So long 2007. May we never have another year half as bad as you. 

Till next year this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, yes, even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.

Merry Christmas To All, And To All, A Good Night Now!!

Always keep makin it bounce,



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