18-11. That’s the Cardinals win loss record for the month of April. Those 18 wins are a record for the month of April. I told you the “experts” had no idea just how good the Cardinals were going to be.

Well I hope every one enjoyed the off day. The Cardinals sure needed it considering they only had one for the whole month of April. I think it’s good every once in a while to take a step back from baseball & just get away & not think about the game. I hope the boys were able to do that today.

Anyway, the Cards are currently leading the Central by a half game thanks to the Brew Crew taking it to our old friend Kerry Wood. Starting tomorrow night the flubs come to town trying to ruin the Cardinals great start. And all of the experts that dumped all over the Cards in March, continue to dump on them saying the record is only good because they played a weak first month schedule. The Rockies, Giants, Nats, Pirates, Brew Crew, Stros, and Reds are still Major League Baseball teams. It’s not like they are playing co-ed church league soft ball teams. And didn’t some of those same “experts” pick the Brew Crew to win the Central? Their record is legit. They have earned that record & should be proud of it. They have achieved it by for the most part having good starting pitching, good timely hitting, and a decent bullpen. No matter how many ulcers IZZY keeps giving us.

The question is, can the Cardinals keep up their winning ways? That’s a damn good question considering how many holes they still have. Namely, their middle infield is atrocious. Cesar & AK just aren’t cutting it. I’m not ignoring AK’s much improved start over last season. I mean give the guy some credit, he is hitting .314. But it’s a hollow .314 because he’s not driving in any runs or showing any signs of power. He has yet to hit one home run & he only has 9 RBIs. I’m sorry, but in this day & age, you need a second baseman that can not only hit for average like AK, but hit for power & drive in some runs. And AK isn’t doing that. But he isn’t all bad. His Gold Glove D has finally returned. So big props to him for stepping up. At least he’s not completely useless to the Cardinals. At least not like say, Cesar Izturis.

Just as I thought, Iz has been completely flaccid with a bat in his hands. Dude is only hitting .212. .212!!!! You have to try really hard to suck to hit .2freaking12 in the bigs. He’s D, which the Cards continue to say is why they gave him almost $3million damn dollars to play SS for them this year, at least has been a lot better than ECK ever was. Of course that’s not saying much, the Cards have really, really missed Edgar Renteria since he turned his back on the team for a measly $1million dollars. You know, the more I think about that, the more angry I get. Not only did Edgar screw over the Cards by leaving, but he opened the door for Walt to trade Danny Haren, Kiko, and Barton for Marky Mark Mildew. Just think what the Cardinals pitching staff would look like with Danny & Wagonmaker at the top? Thanks for freaking nothing Edgar.

But I digress. The Cards are at the top of the Central for now. They are off to a great start. And that’s all we should be focusing on. So like I said at the start of the season, just enjoy the ride this team is taking us on. The flubs & their $118 million dollar pay roll come into town this weekend looking to prove all those ‘experts” right. Here’s hoping Wagonmaker, Lohse & Welley can keep proving them & everyone else wrong. Go get em boys. Bring the Pain.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding everyone, yes even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.

Always keep makin it bounce.



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