Another Punch In The Gut


The St. Louis Cardinals had yet another one of their stairs get injured Sunday afternoon. In the top of the 9th inning, YADDA got dumped trucked by the Phillies Eric Bruntlett who was trying to score on a hit to first. DUNK’s throw home was to the right side of the plate & bounced, forcing YADDA to take a stab at it all while trying to block the plate. Leaving him exposed for Bruntlett to lay him out. And boy, did he ever. That was the worst hit I’ve ever seen a catcher take. YADDA’s head & shoulder were driven into the ground as Bruntlett tried to knock the ball lose. How YADDA held on to the ball is beyond me. The dude is just tough as nails. That’s all I can come up with. There’s no other catcher in the game who could have held on to that ball.

As soon as the ump called him out, all I could think & say was, “Get up YADDA. Just get up.” But he didn’t. He just laid there beside the plate as the coaches, medical staff & players rushed to see if he was OK. Watching what happened next gave me the sickest feeling I’ve ever had watching a baseball game. They brought out a stretcher & the cart to take YADDA off the field. They put a brace on his neck & told him not to move. It was a very, very scary scene. Something you never want to see on a diamond.

Thankfully, as of 8pm east coast time, word comes out of the STL that YADDA will probably be OK. All the test they ran on him were negative. He does have a mild concussion, and he will stay in the hospital over night just to make sure he really is OK. Thank GOD. The last thing the Cardinals & YADDA needed was for him to be seriously hurt. While he may be OK, the question has to be raised about playing it safe & putting him on the 15 day DL. I really think that’s a wise move. The Cards just don’t need to push him. He took a hell of a hit & I’m sure he probably won’t feel like getting behind the plate for at least a couple of days. They have the catching depth down in Memphis, there’s no reason to push this. Give him the time to heal & make sure every thing is copasetic.

In other WTF news, Carp has had a set back in his rehab. A few weeks ago he experienced some pain in his elbow, shut it down for a while & then started back to work. Friday he told the Cards med staff he couldn’t continue pitching, and they did a whole bunch of tests on the elbow, and came back with that there’s nothing wrong. The exact term they used was the test results are inclusive. So they suggested he get a second opinion. And now he’s on his way down to Alabama to see Dr. James Andrew’s. The Cards are pretty sure what’s wrong. They think the ulnar nerve in his elbow needs to be moved, which needs to be done in most TJ surgeries. But for whatever reason, they didn’t move it during Carp’s. So here we are. IF that’s all that’s wrong, it will add anther month to his rehab. So if (and with this medical staff you know that’s a giant IF) that’s all that’s wrong, he’ll be on pace to return to the rotation some time in August. All things considering, it could be a lot worse. And it may still be. Just keep your fingers crossed the Cards finally catch a break with their injured players.

Welley’s start Friday night was very discouraging. He clearly needs to be placed on the DL, and from what the Cards said today, he’ll probably miss his next start on Thursday. What’s surprising is, Marky Mark Mildew & Matt Who Da F Am I? Clement are in the running to take his spot. I for one am shocked. I say SHOCKED those guys are any where close to being ready to pitch in the bigs. Especially Mildew. Less than three weeks ago he was talking about shutting it down for good & calling it a career. Now, with a minor arm slot adjustment the Cards are thinking he’s found the magic trick that will get him back on his Cy Young winning ways. Color us here at ATAW, unimpressed. We’ve heard this song & dance before. Until Mildew is back on the mound getting K after K after K after K, we’re not holding our breath. And if the Cards can get any thing positive out of Clement, it should be considered an Act of God.

In other sports new, I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention that Dale Earnhardt Jr finally won a race this afternoon after going 76 races with out winning one. I was a huge fan of his dad’s, he was my idol growing up. The kids got all the pressure in the world on him, and I really respect how he’s conducted himself since his father’s passing. I think it was really appropriate that he won on Father’s Day.

Tiger Woods had another perfect Nike commercial moment on the 18th green to force a tie & a playoff in the U.S. Open. As I watched him look over his last putt, I knew he was going to miss it. But he proved me wrong. Only reason I thought he’d miss it was he’s still hurt, it wasn’t a straight shot to the hole, and the greens are really, really bumpy. All I have to say is, good luck Rocko. You’re going to need it.

One final note, big thanks go out to the guys who run the blog, The Big Lead for linking the story I did the night Albert tore his calf. ATAW is more of a labor of love than any thing else. We don’t get a lot of readers here, and because they linked the story, we broke our little record for most hits in one day. Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate it. I’m going to have to send them a gift basket or some thing.

OK, I don’t know about you, but I’m done with all these injuries. It’s about damn time for the Cardinals luck to change, and for all our guys to be on the field, healthy & racking up win after win. Here’s hoping for the best with YADDA. Enjoy the off day today. It couldn’t come at a better time for the Cards that’s for sure. Go out & sweep the Royals boys. This is their World Series, so don’t take them lightly. They’re going to give you their best shot, so make sure you give them yours. They have no business beating you, so any thing less than a sweep is unacceptable. Make us proud boys.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, yes, even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always keep makin it bounce.




  1. Nice series, but the Phillies beat themselves . . . . Too much energy expended on Friday’s 20-2 win. Nice Blog!

  2. Thanks!

    And I agree, especially the last game. I missed Saturday’s game, but from every thing I’ve read, Kyle Lohse shut them down. It was a revenge game for him, and he pitched great.

    Thanks again for reading.

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