Elvis Has Left The Building

Truly this is a sad day in Cardinal Nation. Because you see, our loudest pro Cardinal voice in the media has gone silent. Will Leitch has left his position as editor of Deadspin for bigger & supposedly better things. (New York Magazine? Are you F’king kidding me Will? Are you sure that’s even a real magazine?)

Any way, I don’t look at this like every one else does. Meaning the rest of the planet simply sees that Deadspin is losing its editor, it’s leader, hell even it’s very reason for existing in Will’s exodus. No, I take this loss a lot more personally because of what color I bleed. And that’s Cardinal Red.

Like most Cardinals fans, I suffer from a sever case of inferiority complex when it comes to other MLB teams. And that simply shouldn’t be the case. No team other than the Yankees has won more World Series rings. We have more NL pennants than you can shake a stick at. Cooperstown wouldn’t be half the place it is today without our legends filling up the joint. We currently have the greatest player in the game playing 1st & hitting 3rd every single night. We have the third winningest manager in MLB history leading our boys to hard fought victory’s far more often than any of the so called “experts” thought they would back in March. We have absolutely no reason what so ever to feel inferior to any one. Yet for what ever reason, there it is, not to far in the back of our minds, always there, nagging at us that for what ever reason, we aren’t as good or as appreciated as we should be.

I blame ESPN. HA! No really, I do. But they are not alone in this, they are simply the biggest & easiest target. They focus so much on the Sawx, Yanks, Met’s, flubs, Stros, & what ever west coast team currently has the longest winning steak that week, that teams like the Cardinals get over looked. Would it surprise you to find out that only two of those teams have won a ring this decade other than the Cards? With the coverage they get, you’d think they were the only teams that play major league baseball. And some part of me understands why they get so much coverage. I get it, they are all in “large markets” with “large market TV audiences.”

And there is it. TV. That’s why those clubs get more coverage than any other clubs in baseball. Not because they are good, (I’ll give you $5 Trillion internet dollars if you can tell me how many times the flubs & Sawx made the playoffs between 1980 & 2007. I’ll give you a hint, collectively they don’t have as many appearances as the Cardinals have during the same time frame.) not because they have the best player, but simply because they have the biggest audiences. And big audiences mean, you guessed it, big bucks. And there it is again, money. It all comes down to money. Those teams can supposedly make more money than a team in a “fly over state”. And that’s why they are the lead story on SportsCenter during baseball season. You know when that is, it’s the 25 day period when it’s warm outside & the NFL isn’t in season.

What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Will.

In a world filled with east coast bias’s and over hyped century old cursed losers, there was Will calmly, politely, never braggadociously, reminding the world that yes, there was a major league baseball team in St. Louis. And the Cardinals were in fact one of the games greatest teams. For the last 3 + years we finally had a voice, a loud voice even, in the main stream media (I know he hates that term. but it’s not like he’s going to read this right?) that was on our side. Although his Rick Ankiel posts may have been mercilessly mocked by the commenter’s after them, at least his posts were usually positive in nature. And no one did a better job of describing what it was like to be a Cardinal fan than Will did during that magical month of October in 2006. So forgive me if you will if I feel a little sadder, even dare I say, a little betrayed today than I did yesterday.

I’ve never met Will, hell I’ve never even exchanged emails with the guy. I did send him one once asking him if he would be so kind as to take a look at the site & give me his honest opinion. But I never heard back from him. But you know how it is, from their writings you think you know a person, even though you really have no idea what that person it like. And ever since Deadspin came online, I feel like I’ve gotten to know Will. I feel like we’re not so different, even though we don’t share the same need to be famous & leave the mid west. We don’t share political parties. We don’t share the same fondness for oversized leather jackets & bad hair cuts. But we do share the same “looserness” mentality. The same self deprecating humor. We both have a lot of bad luck with women. Except he’s got me beat, at least he’s seen one naked. (I blog from my mom’s basement, don’t tell me that doesn’t surprise you) We share the same mid west politeness. The same love for not doing manual labor. And even the same hope & desire for a better today, and a much better tomorrow. And last but not least, what really is only real thing we have is common, is the same love for the St. Louis Cardinals. And we both have a blog to voice to the world our thoughts about the Cards. Of course his voice is & always will be much, MUCH louder than mine.

But now, his voice has gone silent. We Cardinal fans are once again going to be completely & utterly ignored by the national media. And quite honestly, that hurts a little. Here we are, the second greatest team in the history of baseball, with the greatest player & one of the greatest managers the game has ever seen, having a simply amazing season considering all the injuries we’ve had, and yet, no one will notice & no one will care. Oh well, such is life as a Cardinal fan. It sucks. And then my friends, you die. I guess we’ll just have to make them notice us come October. Just like we did in 2006.

So thanks for every thing Will. It goes without saying, but you will be missed. Deadspin, and the internet as a whole, just won’t be the same without you. We Cardinal fans will miss you most of all. Fare the well Will. Good luck, GOD bless, and goodbye. I wish you the best of luck at your new gig. I hope it’s every thing you want & need it to be.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone reminding every one, yes, even you. That the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you.

Always keep makin it bounce.


(Ed: I’m fully aware this is posting early Saturday morning. But due to unforeseen & unavoidable server issues, I could not publish this till now. I am deeply sorry I was unable to get this out Friday)


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  1. Very nice!!

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