Ladies And Gentleman

I give you your 2008 St. Louis Cardinals bullpen

Nuff said


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  1. Dude. Are you one of those fair-weather fan types? When they do good, you’re all about them, and then when they suck, you’re all about how terrible and bad and no good they are. I thought you loved your Cards no matter what .
    And whassup with the farm teams up there? I saw on at least 2 of the channels here the slugfest that was the other weekend. Neither station gave the names of any of the teams involved..they just showed footage of the ensuing brawl/slugfest and stated it was one of the minor league Ohio teams. So figured it was a big enough deal for the local news here to air some video. You need to make a permanent move South here, and we’ll show you how its done! We dont hear about our Travs gettin’ in any slugfests. Not that they never have, they dont make a regular habit of it 🙂
    Speakin of moving, do it soon. We got plenty of things to do here…enough to keep you busy for quite some time. You could go crash at your uncles for a few days and check things out. Just by yourself, ya wouldnt have to bring the whole house along, although Im not opposed to that.
    In the meantime, keep it real.

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