A (fake) Interview w/Dusty Baker

loserHUGECARDSFAN (HCF henceforth): Dusty Baker – Former manager of the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs. Sixteen years in the major leagues. National League All-Star in 1981 and 1982. World Series winner in 1981. Quite a career you’ve made for yourself. Welcome, and thank you for sitting down with us.

Dusty Baker (DB henceforth): Errr, thanks. Is there a reason I’m sitting on the floor and you’re in a chair?

HCF: We’re a new blog. Not all the furnishings are in yet. I’m sure you can handle sitting Indian-style.

DB: You’re sitting in a LazyBoy…

HCF: Sorry dude, you’re gonna have to rough it.

DB: Err, okay then. Thank you for having me I guess.

HCF: Let me start by saying congratulations on your analyst gig on ESPN Baseball Tonight.

DB: Oh, thank you very much. I enjoy it. It’s a nice change.

HCF: Yes, it seems like a good crew to work with.

DB: Oh yes. I must be a pleasent surprise after Harold Reyn-… I mean, Kruker and the guys were a lot of fun to work with in the playoffs. I look forward to next season.

HCF: So, you’ll definately be at ESPN next season instead of managing a team.

DB: Well, my options are open. If the right team contacts me with an offer in mind, I would of course consider the option and discuss things with my family and friends.

HCF: Oh, so you are open to the idea of coaching a little league or high school team then.

DB: What?

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