We’ve Come To The End Of The Road

Well, sadly we’ve come to the end of the 2008 regular season. Our beloved Cardinals did not make the playoff for the second year in a row. But just like last year, it wasn’t without them doing everything they could to play in October. The player’s that is. The front office & coaching staff let them down big time. But I’ll get to that later. They’ve got one game to left in the year, and if they win & sweep the Reds right out of town, they’ll finish ten games above .500 for the season. And that’s something no one, not you, not me, not anyone who follows the game of baseball realistically thought this team had a snowballs chance in hell of accomplishing.

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Ladies And Gentleman

I give you your 2008 St. Louis Cardinals bullpen

Nuff said

Just When You Think You’ve Seen Everything

Aaron F’ing Miles does the unimaginable.


His name is Aaron F’ing Miles. And he is a ball player.

Bring on the Brew Crew.

A Season On The Brink

Well that was a fun 4th of July weekend wasn’t it? Every one enjoy the fireworks, BBQ’s & picnics? Wasn’t watching the Cardinals take care of those north side losers just awesome? I mean the way the O ate “Big Z” alive Friday night, and then beat those two soft tossing lefty’s into the ground Saturday & Sunday afternoons was a thing of beauty. Wasn’t it?

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Elvis Has Left The Building

Truly this is a sad day in Cardinal Nation. Because you see, our loudest pro Cardinal voice in the media has gone silent. Will Leitch has left his position as editor of Deadspin for bigger & supposedly better things. (New York Magazine? Are you F’king kidding me Will? Are you sure that’s even a real magazine?)

Any way, I don’t look at this like every one else does. Meaning the rest of the planet simply sees that Deadspin is losing its editor, it’s leader, hell even it’s very reason for existing in Will’s exodus. No, I take this loss a lot more personally because of what color I bleed. And that’s Cardinal Red.

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Momma’s, Please Let Your Boys Grow Up To Be MLB Ball Players

I wish I had some thing good to say tonight about the Cardinals & their just concluded series vs the F’Ing Royals. The starting pitching was really good. There, that’s the only good thing I can say about the Red Birds. So instead of rehashing that mess, and looking forward to the fun that awaits the Cards in F’ing bean town this weekend, I’m going to post the top 50 career earners in MLB history. And I urge each and every one of you parents, aunts & uncles out there, to ever so gently, (I SAID GENTLY PEOPLE!!!!) push your sons towards a career as a MLB player. I ran across this list by accident looking for some thing else at Baseball Reference, and I just had to post it. I have two nephews, and HUGE has NATE DOGG, so of those kids is going to make it to the show. I guarantee it. And once I post the list after the jump, you’ll understand why. It’s jaw dropping the amount of coin these guys have made. I am literally stunned at some of the name on this list. There are some guys on here that are truly average players. But the amounts they’ve earned during their careers is simply stunning. And guess what folks? The salaries are only going higher & higher & higher & higher.

So without further a due, I give you the top 50 money earners in MLB history.

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18-11. That’s the Cardinals win loss record for the month of April. Those 18 wins are a record for the month of April. I told you the “experts” had no idea just how good the Cardinals were going to be.

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