Jocketty’s Greatest Hits Collection

…includes 30 songs on 9(!) CDs. Rare B sides, live recordings, and never released tracks – until now! The whole package can be yours for only $29.99!!!

Just kidding. With the trade deadline for 2007 approaching quickly for this year, I’ve decided to look back of some of Walt Jocketty’s player personnel moves over the last few years. The hope is to identify some hope for a big move or two that Jocketty might make this summer. We’ll cover the period 1999 through the present day and look at what I consider his ‘big’ trades, signings, and draft picks. Here we go:

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Card’s 1st Nonroster Moves

This will be brief since I’m on my lunch hour. After resigning some Cardinal players (Edmonds/Spezio) from last year, the Cards made some moves. In case you missed it somehow, the Cards have signed the following players:

Adam Kennedy  2B

Kip Wells    back-of-rotation starter

Gary Bennet     backup C

Eli Marrero     minor league utility player

I’m am very pleased by everyone of these moves. Gary Bennett and Adam Kennedy were on many people’s radar as possible signings. Both were signed to appropriate money as well. I don’t remember anyone talking about Kip Wells and I can guarantee no one had a thought about Eli Marrero.

Kip is your typical Dave Duncan masterpiece waiting to happen. We’ll have to wait and see if he turns out to be another Woody Williams or Jeff Weaver. I like the risk for the price no matter how he turns out. Bernie Miklasz mentioned on the forums over at STL Today that Duncan “really wanted” Kip too. I wonder how often Duncan has said something like that. I could be reading too much into that one statement but maybe Duncan thinks Kip will be more than a 5th starter next year if he can get Kip to follow his lead and make some adjustments.  

 Eli is a really nice signing when you think about it. Eli has done a lot for LaRussa in the past – catcher, decent outfielder, switch hitter (i think?). I also believe the guy has overcome cancer if I remember right. How’s that for character and determination. I’ll be rooting for this guy to do well and make the team.

 Funny to see former Cardinals organization guys coming back to STL recently in Kennedy, Marrero, and Looper last year.

 The Cards rotation so far is:



Free Agent


Free Agent/Wainright/Some scrapheap 5th starter

Looks like Schmidt and Lilly are still out there at the moment. I have a feeling that Walt will make a trade to fill out at least one of those missing starter positions. Hopefully we don’t give up too much. I trust Walt though – he’s proven himself too many times.

That’s it for now. GDM426 will undoubtedly have some input on this in another post.

Edmonds, Duncan, Swarley – oh my

Swarley is gay? Democrats take over the world? Somehow, my world makes less sense than it did a week ago.

I told you this would be a blog about anything and everything. And like it or not, Swarley being gay,and the Liberal Media pushing the Dems into power was a hot topic for the week. Personally, I don’t care if the guy is gay or not. To each his own. But its going to be hard for me to watch his show now knowing he does not like girls, when he plays the Mac Daddy of all Mac’s. Politics are a touchy subject, so all I will say is this. I hope everyone voted. And their guys or girls won. Because I did, mine did not.

And I didn’t even say anthing about Britney dumping FedEx. How awesome is that? You can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl.

Now, on to the Cardinals off season plans.

There is much talk out there about what they are going to do with Chris Duncan. Should they trade him now for pitching help and prospects? I say no. HELL NO. Young, cheep, lefty powerhitters DO NOT fall into a teams laps everyday. You cannot trade him. Yes his value has never been higher. But he is going to be at the league minimum for a few more years. He is just coming into his own as a hitter. He has made great strides in the past two season that you just cannot ignore. Sure his D has been at times Adam Dunn like. But he is willing to put the work in to become a very good major league outfielder. No one feels worse than he does when he makes a bad error in the field. Take Game 5 of the World Series. He drops a easy fly ball, and miss plays a line drive to the wall. The Bush III crowd shows that maybe they are not the best fans in the game by booing him. Now I am not aginst booing a guy. But that was just wrong. He has played his ass off all season. He helped get the club to the World Series. If I am not mistaken, this past season was only his second EVER as a outfielder. And this year he was in the Majors learning the position for most of the season. The Cardinals I belive moved him to the outfield in 2005 once it became clear Albert was going to be at first for the next 15 years. His whole life Duncan has been eather a 1st baseman or DH. So I feel everyone needs to cut him some major slack. He is still learing the outfield, and he is doing it on the biggest stage of them all. All while helping the Cardinals win a World series. And that my friends is pretty amazing in and of itself. He did make some pretty amazing plays in left field this past season. One WebGem that comes to mind is him robbing Jose Reyes of a inside-the-park-homerun in august at NY.

Another hot topic among us Cardinals fans is the resigning of Jim Edmonds to a two year deal. Some like it, some hate it, some are on the fence. Count me in the group that likes it. For these reasons.

1. Jimmy has earned it. Since 2000 he has been everything I love about Cardinals baseball. He plays his butt off. Crushes the ball. Throws himself aginst the outfield walls with reckless abandon taking hits away. He breaks hitters hearts by robbing them of home runs. He generally puts the team first. Him talking to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch this summer not withstanding. Jimmy has flash and style. Gets to almost everything hit in St.Louis County. Stepped up big time in the playoffs when this team needed a leader, giving out game balls, driving in the most RBI’s during the playoffs as just two examples. Just like Tony always says about him. He is a prime time player. And this season, when the team needed a prime time player the most, he was one of the first to rise up, and lead this team to the ultimate goal.

A World Series V I C T O R Y
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