Remembering DK

It was five years ago today that the Cardinals and their fans took the biggest emotional hit an organisation and it’s fan base could ever take.

I missed the five year anniversary of Jack’s death, and there was no way in hell I was going to miss talking about DK’s death. Unlike Jack’s death, I remember a lot about what happened when DK died. I was staying at Huge’s place in Mizzou. I was in the midst of contemplating a move back home, and was spending a couple weeks in his area to see if it would make a good home. Turns out it would, but I never got the chance to make it my home. Anyway we were getting ready to go out to lunch when somehow we heard the game was cancelled. Not knowing why, I turned on FOX only to see their back up game on, and that game was not saying anything about why the Cards vs flubs game was cancelled. So I started going threw all the cable news channels and on Headline News they were showing Joe Buck talking to Tony La Russa. It was the very tail end of the interview and all we got out of it was DK was dead. So Huge hit the internet and quickly found out what happened. Needless to say, we were more than shocked. I just remember setting around his place for a while not knowing what to do. His little sister was there to eat lunch with us and she cried a little when we finally saw Joe Girardi tell the crowd the game was cancelled. I’m not ashamed to admit I teared up a little too. I called my dad to see if he heard, and he did and was upset about it too. That was the last time I can remember talking to my dad on the phone. I’m sure I did again before he got sick. But that’s the last time I can actually hear his voice as I heard it then over the phone. He was tired from working that morning, and in shock like the rest of us. We talked about how things like this just don’t happen in sports. This just does not happen. A baseball player, in the prime of his life and in the his best shape of his life just does not die in his sleep. But it did, and it does. And to pour more salt on all of our wounds, it happened again this April 29th.

No disrespect to Josh Hancock and his family, but losing DK, the undisputed leader of the team, and they way it all went down is something no one associated with the Cardinals will ever be able to get over. Not to be cruel, but Josh basically did it to himself. DK had a unknown heart condition. We never saw his death coming. But by recent accounts, many close to Josh had concerns about his drinking. Also Josh was not the heart and soul of the club. Yes he was a pretty important member and friend to all. But DK was all that and more. Imagine if today Derek Jeter was found dead. What do you think that would do to the Yankees? Well it did that and so much more to the Cardinals in June 2002.

Like I said DK was the heart and soul of the Cardinals. He was a friend to all. THE clubhouse leader. It didn’t matter if you were a pitcher or a position player, DK was the guy you went to if you needed anything. And I mean ANYTHING. He took the young guys out to eat, and to pick out a suits to wear on road tips. He was the rock of the club. He kept things lite and always tried to make the guys laugh. But if you did something wrong, DK was the first guy to point it out and make sure you got back in line. I can’t say it any better than this, DK was the heart and soul of the Cardinals. He was the best teammate a guy could ever ask for. A better friend. And most of all, a great husband and wonderful father. I think that gets over looked sometimes when people speak of DK, and I don’t want to do that. As hard as losing him is on us, can you even imagine what it’s like for his wife and kids? They lost far more than us fans. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to lose the love of your life. The one person you think will be there beside you when you wake up every morning for the next 50+ years. And suddenly, they are gone. Without warning, without even so much as a hint of danger, they are gone forever. I’ve never even been in a serious relationship, so I have no idea what that must be like. And DK’s kids, his poor kids who have to grow up with a dad to teach them how to ride a bike, or throw a curve ball. Or be there for school plays, holidays and birthdays. His family lost far more than we fans did, and when you think of DK today, make sure you think of Flynn, Kannon, Sierra and Ryker.

As for this weekends series against the fightin phills, it’s not going to be easy. Take tonight’s starter for Philly, 88 year old Jamie Moyer. Dude can’t throw the ball faster than 55 mph, yet he’s still pitching in the big leagues. He’s the Cards Kryptonite. A soft tossing, salad shooting, lefty. He gets away with a change up low and away to righty’s that is never, EVER a strike. Yet the umps keep calling it. So he’s still somewhat successful. Tom Glavine keeps getting the same pitch called for a strike as well. So it could be a long night if history repeats itself. Anthony’s going for the Cards tonight. And boy does he need to be on his game. The Phil’s can score, and score in bunches before a pitcher will know what hits him. St. Louis’s own Ryan Howard anchors their line up. And don’t forget Cardinal killer Pat the Bat. Dude may not have a high average, but he always seams to crush the ball when he visits town. Tomorrow afternoons game looks like one the Cardinals should win because Eaton is 1-2 for his career against the Cards with over a 5 ERA. Wagonmaker pitches for the Cards, and he’s looked pretty good as of late. I sure hope I didn’t jinx the kid again. Sunday’s game could really set the Cards back even farther if they don’t win tonight or tomorrow. Cole Hameles got rocked in Cleveland his last start, and considering the Cards are always a good team to get a pitcher right, the dude could throw a no hitter against them. Plus he’s a lefty and struck out 12 the last time he faced the Cards. ATAW’s fave starter KIPPY takes the mound for the home team in Sunday’s rubber game. Now he was great Thursday night, er Friday morning out of the pen. He took advantage of KC’s over aggressiveness quite well. If he can do the same for 5 or 6 innings Sunday, I would consider that a miracle. But I’m afraid what’s most likely to happen is Philly to knock KIPPY out of the game before he gets 1 out. I’d like to believe in KIPPY after how well his last outing went. But I just don’t have that much faith in me. I hope he does well, but like I said, I’m not expecting him to record an out Sunday.

The way I see it, the Cards could very easily get swept this weekend. Or they could win 2 out of 3. Which would be considered a miracle. GOD still does them you know. Let’s all hope he has one in store for us die hard Cardinal fans this weekend, and again the following series against the Mets. But that’s another story for another day. Honestly I’m hoping they win tonight and tomorrow, because I just don’t see them beating Hameles on Sunday. They could also only win tomorrow against Eaton considering their records against left handed pitchers. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see what happens. The way this season as gone with my pics, now that I’ve said them out loud, watch the Cards beat up both lefty’s, and get no hit on Saturday. I won’t be surprised if anything I’ve written come to forwishen. I also won’t be surprised if I’m completely wrong, and something out of the blue happens. Because honestly, with this team, anything is possible.

Well that’s it for this week. I’ll be back on Monday with more knowledge. I said last week Huge could be leaving us soon, and it turns out he’ll be around here for a little longer than I first thought. Don’t know if he’s got anything to say this weekend or not, but be sure to check in and find out. I won’t get to see this weekends game, so I doubt I’ll have much to say. I will be watching tonight though, and if something hits me, you’ll be the first ones to know. It’s been a blast. Let’s do it again real soon.

Till next time this is Jonny Bone. I want each and every one of you to remember, that light at the end of the tunnel, may be you. 

Always keep making it bounce.



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